How to Develop a Stronger Network

When a person is developing a stronger network of clients, prospects, and even colleagues, there are certain characteristics that have to be maintained. For example, Shalom Lamm, and entrepreneur, uses his network to help the community. By being part of a network and developing connections with influential people, a lot of benefits can occur. 

Developing a stronger network is in anyone’s advantage because of how highly resourceful they can be. Let’s say you are out of a job because of the pandemic. Maybe someone in your network can set you up with remote work or even something part time to keep to bills paid. By reaching out to people on LinkedIn customized messages, they will be more likely to respond. If the message comes across like a telemarketer, they won’t give it the times of day. Asking for career opportunities can also be done by posting or calling companies. By adapting to the digital world and using social media to your advantage so many networks can be achieved. Shalom Lamm likes to keep his network clear so that he can rely on them for advice or assistance if he eve