How To Lower Your Ammo Costs

How To Lower Your Ammo Costs

As a gun owner, you have probably noticed ammo can be very expensive. But along with this, it is sometimes hard to find when you need to stock up. As a result, when you do find ammo for sale, you wind up paying much more than you expected. Whether you are wanting to purchase ammo to use at a practice range, for hunting, or for other purposes, the good news is that there are many ways you can lower your ammo costs. If you’re eager to keep more money in your pocket while putting plenty of ammo in your guns, here are some important tips to keep in mind.

Trade Ammo with Your Friends

If you have plenty of other friends who also own guns, you can start trading ammo back and forth with each other. Since finding the right ammo can be tough, chances are you probably have some that your friends need, and vice versa. By having a network of friends with whom you can trade ammo, it will be like getting your ammo for free.

Practice with Cheap Ammo

When you take your gun to the nearest shooting range for some practice, don’t shoot that expensive ammo you managed to find. Instead, use the cheapest ammo you can find when doing target practice. Even if the ammo you use for practice is not the most accurate for the type of gun you are using, it will still be good enough for helping you sharpen your shooting skills.

Start Handloading

While you may have never considered handloading ammo for your guns, you may want to start doing so pretty soon. While you’ll have to make an initial investment in such things as a press, dies, shell holders, and other related items, the upfront investment will pay off in the long run. To put this in perspective, over the course of a decade, your ammo costs doing handloading will be less than half of what you would have paid for factory-made ammunition.

Shoot Small-Caliber Guns

If you shoot small-caliber guns, it makes sense that smaller bullets cost less money. This will be particularly helpful to you when doing target practice, since shooting the smaller-caliber gun will allow you to save enough money to get in more practice on the range.

Buy Your Ammo in Bulk

Just like any other product out there on the open market, ammo will always be cheaper if bought in bulk. Therefore, try to buy as much as you can afford each time you stock up. By doing so, you’ll not only be saving substantial amounts of money, but you’ll also rarely if ever find yourself running short on ammo when you want to go hunting or spend time at the shooting range.

Shop Around

If you have been buying your ammo at the same place for many years, try shopping around a bit to see if you can find a better deal. More than likely, if you look around enough, you may find another gun shop or other outlet that will sell the ammo you need at a cheaper price. Like any smart gun owner, once you find a place that sells your ammo cheaper, make sure you stick with them for as long as possible.

Whether you find success in trading ammo with your friends, buying your ammo in bulk, or make the investment to start handloading, any of these and the other options mentioned here are sure to save you money. Once you get more money in your pocket, you can head off to the shooting range or that much-anticipated hunting trip.