How To Make Money Fast

It’s true to say that times are hard, and many businesses have suffered due to the global pandemic. If you have felt the effects of months of reduced income, what ways can you make some money and start building those savings once more?

Online competitions

Entering online competitions is a great way to make some extra cash without too much effort. Many competitions are free to enter and simple to play. Prizes vary, but some can be amazing.

It’s useful to set up a separate email for competitions to keep track, so you aren’t bombarded with spam. Always choose reputable brands you know and trust and don’t pay to play.

Look out for competitions in newspapers and magazines; often, you only need to answer some questions or send off some postcards.

Buying and Selling

Another savvy way to make some cash is to overhaul your home and see what you can sell. You’d be surprised how many items you can find that you no longer need. You may even feel it’s time to part with much loved things such as cars or other vehicles to boost your finances. If you’re a car enthusiast, you’ll understand that cars such as Ferraris are worth a lot of money, so you could consider selling and rebuying one when business is booming. You can search sell my Ferrari online to find companies that specialize in selling exotic cars and get the best price.

Furniture is also a great seller. People love a bargain, so if you have items you don’t need, try sprucing them up and selling them on.

If you have a garage where you store tools and equipment, it’s a good idea to clear out and sell anything you no longer use. Camping equipment, technology, garden tools etc. are all in high demand, so clean them up and add them to a buying and selling group online. You’d be surprised what people purchase.

Side business

If you have a specific skill, why not set up a small independent business to run alongside your primary employment. Creative hobbies such as jewelry making, furniture restoration, painting, car repairs or hairdressing can all be used to make extra money. Think about reaching out to people who may be interested in your services and research any competitors. Using existing skills is a great way to boost income while doing what you love.

You could also set up an eBay business. A lot of people earn a substantial income from eBay based activities.


If you have an extra room in your home, you could consider taking on a lodger or hosting students. If you don’t mind people sharing your home with another person, a lodger can provide extra income, and you may even enjoy the company. If you host international students, you will need to provide meals, but they are out on trips and at school most of the time.

It’s hard making ends meet when the economy has taken a hit as in the last year and a half; however, with a positive attitude and some innovative ideas, it’s possible to get back to normal and joy the fruits of labor once again.