How to Make the Most Out of Working Remotely

Working Remotely

And suddenly, there it was, a sea of employees working from home, so it seemed. Yes, because of the 2020 Pandemic it seemed that everyone was working remotely from home. The transition may have been hard for those who have never worked remotely from home before, and, to top it off, with the Pandemic, many had children and spouses at home with them which could make things a little hectic. With an onslaught of issues from the pandemic and the fact that even now a lot of the pandemic issues are ongoing, many still have not returned to the office. Therefore, here are some tips on making the most out of working remotely and as Andrew Napolitano believes, maybe more free time.


First and foremost if one wants to make the most out of working remotely from home, one needs to pick out a specific work area to get things done only related to work. The area can range from a spare bedroom that already exists, a space in one’s kitchen(such as a nook) or a spare bedroom, and if one could be so lucky to already have a home office then the first step is done. Just ensure the area is private.

Next, if one is wanting to ensure that they will be efficient and productive, then one must have the right tools and equipment to do so. For example, being able to have video conferencing one needs to have not only the computer but high speed internet connection, a desk and a desk lamp along with a good ergonomic chair; not to mention, office supplies are all a part of having the needed items to get the work done. However, there are other things needed as one should make their home office functional but also comfortable. Things like family photos, a plant, a nice scented candle and soothing music or any music of one’s choosing can all be items that will help create a functional and comfortable remote work space.

Also, if one is at home with kids who are there doing remote classes for school and a spouse who may or may not be working remotely also, all due to the on going pandemic, things can quickly get out of control if boundaries, schedules and structure are not set for everyone especially if one is having to answer to their boss at any given moment. Therefore, without question, one must have boundaries alone with the other things mentioned such as schedules and structures as all these things are essential in order to make the most out of working remotely.

Last, take breaks as one should have a routine which includes taking a moment from all of the work stuff especially if one is ahead of the game and organized. If one is organized then a break is not only much needed but earned and it can give a little free time as Andrew Napolitano has pointed out that one can have more free time to do other tasks.