How to Negotiate a Job Offer

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How to Win at the Interview.

Many people experience pain from the process of negotiating a job offer. But there are ways to mitigate and manage that pain, get what one wants, and feel good about their deal! Jordan Sudberg, an expert in pain management, talks about negotiating jobs interviews for maximum pleasure and little or no damage. One should follow these steps and steer clear of the pitfalls!

One Should Know What They Want.

First of all, one needs to know what they want from a job offer. It may be hard to negotiate if one is not specific and narrows down what one wants from a job offer. It’s better to talk about 1-2 things or 2-3 things than ten things. For example, if one doesn’t want the very first offer put in front of them, even if it is lower than an agreed-upon salary range and benefits, they should ask for some time to find another.

One Should Know Their Worth.

Next, one needs to know their worth. It will be hard to negotiate if one doesn’t know the market rate for the skill set and what companies are paying people with the same skills and experience. They should be aware of salary surveys, research friends in similar positions, and talk to recruiters or other business professionals. These sources will give them an idea of what specific jobs pay in their area or industry.

One Should Know Their Appraisal.

One needs to know what their appraisal will look like after work has been completed so that it is easy to negotiate the actual job offer. In other words, one should not let someone set the bar too high and make it seem impossible to reach. If they know what their appraisal will look like post-job completion, they can negotiate a job offer within their appraisal’s range. It can give them an idea of how much money is left on the table regarding benefits and salary. They will know how much leverage they have to negotiate that salary or benefits if any.

As for what to say when negotiating a job offer, Jordan Sudberg suggests people research their field, talk with friends in similar positions at work, and talk with recruiters. This way, one can ask the right questions and make an excellent first impression when the time comes to negotiate a job offer.

Give More Than What One is Asked.

The best way to negotiate a job offer is to give more than one asked.

Why? Because in the interview, one has already shown that they can perform on a high level.

The hiring manager is impressed with how well they did, and it’s now their turn to negotiate for more than just what the company can offer. They have proven that you’re worth it!

Remember: if the interviewer offers one their salary range, they should ask for something higher. If they tell one, they can’t afford them, they should ask for something lower.