How To Plan A Great Birthday Party For Your Young Teen

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Planning a great birthday party changes over the course of time when it comes to your child. A young teen might not want a family party but rather one with just their friends. The easiest thing to do is ask what your teen wants to do. If they have something specific in mind that is realistic, this should make planning far easier. Giving them options is something else that you could do if they are unsure of what they exactly want to do. The following are great ideas for a birthday party for your young teen. 

Take A Nice Trip With A Few Of Their Friends 

Taking your teen with their friends on a small trip can be a blast. Of course, you’ll have to get approval from the other parents. Your teen might just have a few friends that they truly like and have a lot of acquaintances. Others might want to stay local in order to see their large friend group so this depends on the teen. 

Theme parks tend to be pretty popular with younger teens. With all of the cell phones available, you can simply take your teen and their friends there then let them do as they please. Your teen will appreciate the privacy as young teens are nearly always embarrassed by their parents. 

The Classic Sleepover 

There are some teens that will want a lowkey birthday with a few friends sleeping over. You can order pizza or their favorite meal then let the kids have a blast. The trouble with all parties like this is that there will likely be someone that is left out. Your teen should choose the guests as they might not like a certain person that hangs out with their friends. Teens will be safe in the home so let them be as this is your teen’s birthday.

Sporting Event/Concert

Getting tickets to a sporting event or concert can be a great birthday for a young teen. For a concert, it is better if you attend but you don’t have to hover over your teen. If they have an older sibling, they might prefer that they take them as being with your parents as a teen can be a nightmare. Sporting events can be something that your teen remembers forever especially if it is an important game. 


Going to a paintball course can be a blast for everyone that is involved. You might need to get a few signatures from parents due to potential injury although paintball is very safe unless you remove your mask on the field which is against the rules. Take the time to research the various courses in the area and what equipment that they provide. This is likely to be more popular with teen males than females but everyone can have a blast. 

Birthday parties that are planned correctly can be one your teen will remember the rest of their life. There might be a few different things that could go wrong but with great planning, all should go smoothly.