How to Prepare Your New Vehicle for a Cross Country Transport

How to Prepare Your New Vehicle for a Cross Country Transport

You got a new car. It still has that new car smell, and now you’ve got to transport it across the country. This may feel a little overwhelming, maybe even scary. Well, the following tips can help you prepare your new car for this trip.

Find Shippers

The first thing you want to do is find the right car transport company. Consider a few things while you’re looking for the right company. For one, you want to see that they’ve been doing this for some time, which indicates that they know what they’re doing. You also want to make sure they offer reasonable prices that fit your budget. Be sure to read as many reviews as possible. You want to see a pattern of positive reviews instead of negative ones.

Insurance is Vital

A big step in preparing your new car for transport is to get suitable insurance. Your car is new, so you want to ensure you’re properly covered against any sort of damage that could happen to your car during the trip. All sorts of things could happen while en route. Weather conditions could damage your car among many other things. The transport company will probably offer comprehensive insurance for your vehicle; just go over what’s offered, and be sure it covers the total value of your vehicle or that it will take care of any damage.

Cleanliness Matters

You want to clean your car before the transport. It’s a new car, so it’s probably pretty clean, but do this step if needed. Having dirt on your vehicle is not a good thing because it may hide dings or scratches. After you clean the car, take a picture of every detail of your vehicle, and compare those pictures to your delivered vehicle. Don’t forget to clean the inside. You shouldn’t have any liquids in there that could spill inside your car, and there shouldn’t be anything loose that could damage something if the trip is rough.

Disable the Alarm

Many people forget to disable the alarm. This is so important, yet people forget to do it all the time. You can imagine if your new car alarm goes off during transport. The truck driver won’t be able to deal with this, and it’ll make the ride quite annoying for this person. You don’t want to be responsible for that, and you don’t have to be. All you have to do is make sure the alarm is disabled before the vehicle is transported. The right auto transport company is going to take many precautions to keep your car safe.

Don’t Gas Up

It’s tempting to gas up your car. Maybe you want to take off in your car the moment it arrives, but it’s a better idea to leave the car as empty as possible. There are a few benefits to this, like the fact that this means your car will be lighter. The lighter your vehicle, the easier and safer it’ll be to transport. You want safety right now because it means your car will get there with no issues. In addition to that, you won’t have to spend extra money filling your car up before you even need to.

As you can see, preparing your new car for a long trip is possible. Talk to your auto transport company representative to find out if there’s anything else you could do before the trip.