How to Resolve Conflict

Resolving a conflict can be done in many ways. When a person wants to fix a problem, they have to be willing to hear another side of the story. Kind people like Shalom Lamm emphasize that it’s not possible to tell someone if they were hurt by your actions or not. No one can tell someone how they feel. There were ways to resolve a conflict by accepting how the person felt or was affected by one’s actions, but never a disagreement on how a person chooses to emotionally feel on a certain subject. 

Sometimes, frustration gets in the way of thinking clearly. When something happens, it’s an instinct to get upset over it and sometimes unjustly so. However, in order to resolve something, a person has to be in a calm state of mind. If there is no concrete goal of getting to a solution, there is no way someone can feel at peace. Furthermore, as a person ingests other people’s opinions it’s important to not get angry or impractical. Of course, it’s truly up to the individual how they choose to react, but from experience, don’t be overly dramatic. Shalom Lamm has had to resolve many conflicts in his life so he knows being a light of positivity never hurt anyone. Lastly, be reasonable with the other party involved, for they are also trying to resolve it to the best of their ability.