How to Scale Your Business Processes Without Adding In-House Staff

The world of business is constantly changing due to innovations in technology and consumer behavior. The thought of having a virtual appointment with a doctor a decade ago would be incredibly strange although it is commonplace now. Scaling processes is important for a small business that wants to grow yet keep the staff in-house at a relatively low number. Technology has made it more than possible to find part-time freelancers that can help with a variety of tasks. The following are tips to scale your business processes without adding in-house staff.

Outsource Tasks Like Accounting

A small business might not have the money to hire an entire accounting department. Handling accounting on your own as a founder can be an easy way to pay additional taxes. A mistake could also result in heavy fines and if looked upon as intentional, could have criminal implications. Business tax preparation should be handled by professionals and there are a number of accounting firms that can help. There are so many tax breaks that a common person might not even have knowledge of. 

Freelancers Will Be a Huge Part of Growth 

The freelance economy is not just healthy but booming at this time in history. People living the digital nomad life would rather work remotely than enter a corporate office. This does not mean that these people cannot be talented but rather have a focus on work-life balance which can be difficult to achieve. Freelancers can handle things like gathering contact information for the sales team. There are also digital marketing professionals that freelance that can take your marketing strategy to the next level. Do not discount the freelance market as you likely can find someone to do a quality job at nearly any task you need. 

Hire Versatile Employees

There are going to be those employees that have flourished in a number of roles throughout their careers. These people can be immensely useful as they can thrive in nearly any role they are placed. If the sales department needs help, this person might be able to close a deal or two. A former copywriter that now handles HR can assist marketing when they have extra time. Getting the most out of each employee is important when trying to scale processes. 

Test Your Processes 

The optimization of your current processes to make them scalable is imperative. You do not want a certain part of a process to break down due to too much volume of orders or work from customers. Testing should be done during those parts of the year where business is slow. The holidays can be an important time to test out new tactics although employees tend to take a vacation during this time of the year. You do not want to land a giant client only to underdeliver and ruin that business relationship permanently. 

Scaling your processes without hiring additional employees can be tough but it is more than possible. Take your time while doing this as you want to make sure your current customers are still satisfied with services/products being provided.