How to Spice Up Your Marriage

How to Spice Up Your Marriage

Marriage might be a beautiful institution, but that doesn’t mean being married is always easy. When you live with the same person for the bulk of your adult life, it’s only natural that an occasional bout of boredom occurs. Luckily, it’s within your power to get yourself out of the doldrums and back into the whirlwind of an exciting, eventful relationship. Here are six ideas to try the next time you need to spice up your marriage.

Take An Exotic Trip

Sometimes, all you need to get the tempo back up in your marriage is a change in GPS coordinates. Trips to fun and interesting places are exciting by their very nature, and the sense of adventure could seep into your relationship as well. Perhaps you’ve gotten used to seeing your spouse every single day in the same drab, domestic environment. This would make anyone lose the thrill of love. Suddenly seeing your spouse climbing the Inca Trail or diving into the Indian ocean, however, can give your brain a quick zap and make you see them in a whole new light.

Try CBD Products

Trying new things is a classic way to break out of a stale routine, and CBD offers a great way to do just that. Gone are the days when anything relating to cannabis was dark or illicit. Nowadays, CBD products are readily available in most states across the country. Using these products with your spouse will allow you to enjoy an exciting new experience unlike anything you’ve gotten used to. With your minds working in new and interesting ways, you might be able to reaffirm your connection by forging new bonds in unforeseen areas.

Make “Yes” You’re New Favorite Word

You know a relationship is stale when every offer to do something new is met with, “No, I’m really busy.” Sometimes, we get so caught up in our routines that we forget making alternative plans is even a possibility. To break out of this rut, try answering new possibilities with, “Sure, why not?” After you’ve been saying “yes” for a while, taking on new challenges and accepting new possibilities will start to feel like second nature.

Schedule Date Nights

Far too many couples think that dating only has value in the early stages of a relationship. In reality, dates are great for staying connected and maintaining intimacy even after decades of marriage. Not every outing has to be fancy or expensive. Just making a point of getting out of the house and doing something the two of you enjoy will bring the regular sparks back to your marriage.

Get Back To Regular Touching

Have you abandoned hugs and kisses, greeting each other with an unceremonious “hello” at the end of the workday? This might seem like normal behavior for a long-term couple, but it has the unfortunate side effect of stopping intimacy in its tracks. Get back in the habit of touching your partner, and you’ll be shocked how quickly the feelings of attraction will return.

Do What It Takes To Relax

Nothing kills a marriage like constant stress. When both partners are worried sick about work, kids, and whatever other responsibilities they have on their plates, it’s only natural that intimacy takes a back seat. By controlling your stress, you’ll give your mind and body the opportunity to again seek human contact. Getting a bit of exercise is the single best thing you can do to help yourself relax, while meditation and yoga are also proven strategies. Once you settle down, you’ll feel yourself gravitate towards your partner’s arms.