How to Write a Resume That Stands Out

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Writing a resume that stands out

To write a resume that stands out, a person needs to plan out what they want the employer to see when looking at their resume. The resume must define an objective such as what kind of role the person is applying for and second it must list the experience the person has that is related to the job they are applying for and third, the resume must contain a list of education and skills the person has that they believe would qualify for the job. Jonathan Osler is an educator and a principal that teaches the young generation about reading, writing, and math. Osler believes that communication is an important skill to have so that when a person is writing a resume, they need to know how to communicate well with the recruiter or hiring manager by stating all of their skills, education, and work experience in the resume as well as why the company should hire them instead of another candidate. The resume should also contain what kind of skills the person learned on their previous job and what they have achieved in their previous role because these things tell the employer that the person is a self-starter, a leader, and willing to learn to achieve new height instead of someone who will just do the job with minimum effort. The people who are willing to learn and achieve a new goal are the ones that will most likely stay with the company longer than those who just want to get a job.
Another important thing to remember when writing a resume is to not use a premade template because a premade template will usually get rejected by the system. Instead of looking for a template online, one should create their template and make the resume look more attractive by using unique color and style because before the resume gets to the recruiter or hiring manager, it just went through a system that scans the resume for keywords, and uniqueness and since the system scans thousands of emails per day it will automatically reject any resume that does not contain the keyword that fits the job description. That is why it is very important to have keywords that match the job description so that the resume can go to the hiring manager. Once the resume goes to the hiring manager, it only has ten seconds to make a good impression and if it fails within that ten-second it will be rejected and the next candidate will get the chance. For the resume to look attractive, it must have a title, objective, name of the person, phone number, email, address, a border, bright color but not too bright and it must look unique from the rest of the resume so that it will catch the hiring manager’s attention. Jonathan Osler believes that having name and contact information makes the resume look professional and lets the hiring manager know that the person applying for the job is serious about getting the role and willing to stay with the company.