How You Can Get Better at Public Speaking

Public speaking is something that many people are afraid of. As it turns out more people are afraid of speaking in public than they are of dying. People are just afraid to speak in front of others. Cory Harow has some advice on how to get someone to become a better public speaker. Harow feels that if a person can master public speaking they will not have to be afraid to get up in front of others and talk. These are some tips to help a person improve their public speaking skills.


It is normal to feel nervous when having to give a speech in public. Preparing and practicing will help reduce this feeling. If a person knows what they are going to say and how they are going to deliver the message this can reduce the anxiety. When a person becomes comfortable with their speech and they have it well practiced they do not have to be afraid to say it in public.


When giving a speech it is important to think about the audience that it is intended for. A person is not there to talk about themselves or to be judged. They are there to give the audience what they want. Knowing the audience will help a person determine their word choice and other important features about the presentation.


When giving the speech it is important to pay attention to the audience. They will give feedback even if it is nonverbal. A person will need to adjust based on the feedback they are getting. If the crowd is looking bored they need to add some humor and adjust their tone to get them back. This will allow the speech to go smoothly.

Be Fun

No one wants to listen to a person that is dull and boring. Even If a person is speaking on a serious topic they need to put some passion and emotion into the speech. When possible add some stories or use the speech to tell a story. Add humor now and then. Adding a personal touch and telling the speech like a story will help keep the attention of the listeners.

Use an Outline

It is okay to have a speech typed out but reading from a script can get boring. It will remove any connection with the audience. To help a person stay focused, Cory Harow thinks they should use an outline and notes with the key points. This will still allow them to connect with the listeners and focus on the message. They will cover all of the important topics and points in the speech without making it feel like they are reading things word by word. This will help keep the audience engaged and allow the speaker to be flexible. These are some tips that will help a person become a better public speaker. This information will make speaking in public less scary and a person will not have to dread giving the speech.