Is it Better to Hire a Local Specialist or a National Company? 

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You’ve heard the saying ‘local is better,’ but is it? How do you know if it’s a smarter decision to go local than to work with a regional or national company?  Let’s break down the benefits and drawbacks:


  • Often a frustrating customer service.
  • Often a cheaper, low-quality product due to overseas production
  • Hundreds of thousands of employees 
  • More focused on profit than customers or community

Small Businesses: 

  • Usually have less overhead 
  • Can offer more responsive customer service.
  • Owned and operated by individuals who are passionate about their craft a
  • Higher quality goods and services 

That’s great and all, but what about specific examples? We’ve got some small companies to highlight, where your investment in their business not only has great meaning, but you’re also getting a better product or experience than the larger competitors!

Example #1: Eyelash extension training

Surprised to see this on the list? Don’t be! Reuters recently declared that the global lash market is projected to grow tremendously and earning certification as a lash technician is in hot demand. That means all the national cosmetology brands are quickly adding lash training onto their already-hefty list of wares to take advantage. But if you’re serious about building a career as a technician, wouldn’t you rather work with a trainer who is 100% all about eyelash extension expertise? 

That’s why The Lash Professional has continued to grow as a small business. With their laser focus on the lash profession, plus the flexibility of online classes and the hands-on guidance from live training, their online lash and brow courses can be completed in any location.  In addition to quality training, Lash Professional is a true one-woman passion project, with a mission of creating an uplifting, positive environment, and sister studios in development across the project. 

Example #2: Printing services 

In the past ten years, so many national printing presses have popped up, offering slightly cheaper deals along with lots of promises with speed and shipping across the country. For so many, however, trying to work with one is an exercise in frustration! Between difficult customer service, confusing templates, and no guarantee in order arrivals, it still makes sense to seek out a local printer to fulfil your printing needs.   

A great example of a local printer is the Print Authority in Nashville, Tennessee, who provides a mix of digital printing and offset printing solutions, along with a high level of graphic design services, bindery, shipping, and fulfillment services. Whether you need digital printing or offset printing, the experts at The Print Authority will find the right way to get your job done so it’s affordable and  

Example #3: Lending for Small Businesses

Since national banks operate on a larger scale, they can often more services, products, and lending options. Where they fall short, however, are the fees that often come with this variety, along with stricter requirements when it comes to lending: applicants need excellent credit and collateral to have any success. With local banks, however, there re often more flexible lending options and fewer fees than national banks, which make a big difference to the hardworking small business. 

Take a family-owned bank like Charter Capital for example; they have been providing capital equipment finance and leasing solutions in Arizona since 1997. They strive to be navigator, consultant, and bridge between their clients’ equipment financing needs, and proudly use their four decades of accumulated knowledge and experience. In fact, 65% of their business comes from return customers – can your national bank make the same claim? 

Example #4: Home Services 

It’s tempting to choose to partner with a national cleaning company, with the hope that their size might indicate reliability and readiness to provide all the coverage needed. But when it comes down to business success, people are the key, and commercial cleaning is no exception. The lack of individualized service, and not knowing who will show up for service, are the biggest liabilities with national cleaning companies. 

With a local company, you’re far more likely to know who you’re working with, and their customer service is far more responsive – and personalized! For example, ALAC Services makes customer service and professionalism front and center of their window cleaning, pressure washing, and home services in the in the Kansas City metropolitan area. With over 30 years of experience, they’ve learned that “quality makes the difference,” and are eager to demonstrate how their skilled professionals can give homes or business that special look of distinction.

Example #5: Interior Design 

Home is the one place that you can escape to after a long day, a place to host and gather with family and friends, and a place that represents growth, memories, and stability. Bringing someone into your private space is an intensely personal decision, and that includes the choice of an interior designer. So, choose a local professional to add beautiful touches to your home or help with the process of building or remodeling, with the promise of true, personalized connection! For example, at Alisha Taylor Interiors, their goal is to make each client feel at home in their living space. Through their personalized design process, they create homes that are unique, timeless, and reflective of the people who live in them. 

When choosing between a large corporation or a small business, consider these three things: size, location, and reputation. If you want to get the most out of your business relationship, choose a company that fits your personal preferences – it’s likely a local company!