John Goullet and Diversant LLC Provide Expert IT Staffing Solutions

John Goullet

Diversant is a fully certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) that stands out due to the massive growth that it has undergone over the past few years. Diversant has helped thousands of job seekers find positions at Fortune 500 and mid-level companies. Co-founder and chairman of Diversant LLC John Goullet brings decades of IT staffing experience to the table. In concert with a team of highly qualified and talented executive employees, John Goullet and Diversant provide expert IT staffing solutions to a marketplace starved for talent. 

A Meeting of Minds 

John Goullet first dipped his toe in the world of IT consultancy in 1994. Recognizing changing market trends, he transitioned to IT staffing and hasn’t looked back since. He went on to found Info Technologies Inc., an IT staffing company that primarily focused on providing staffing solutions to Fortune 500 companies. John Goullet grew his company to $30M in just five years and earned the number eight spot on Inc. magazine’s list of the 500 fastest-growing privately held companies in the United States. 

With a highly successful venture under his belt, John Goullet partnered with Gene Waddy and merged Info Technologies Inc. and Diversant Inc. to form Diversant LLC. Gene took on the role of chief executive officer. Goullet, in turn, serves as chairman, where he passionately works to develop new and exciting ways to meet the ever-evolving challenges faced by the IT marketplace.  

What Diversant Does Differently

Coined a “different type of IT staffing agency,” Diversant offers numerous IT staffing and diversity services, including IT staff augmentation, direct-hire, and innovative diversity solutions. Diversant makes it a point to treat its customers as business partners. By putting its customers first and treating them well, Diversant has built long-term relationships with Fortune 500 and mid-level companies in search of much-needed IT talent. 

Diversant’s greatest differentiating factor is its focus on diversity. At Diversant, the team believes that all forms of diversity provide a broader range of opportunities for consultants and partners. In turn, this leads to increased innovative solutions for clients. 

Setting Itself Apart With Core Values 

Diversant has based its business model on a core set of values. These values permeate every aspect of the business, from the head executives down to trainees just getting started. These core values call for every member of the organization to respect one another. It also calls for ethical behavior, disciplined teamwork, and a focus on bettering oneself through professional development. Diversant takes the high road by following a moral code of ethics that leads to creative thinking, innovation, and improved problem-solving. 

More Than IT Staffing 

Diversant connects highly qualified IT professionals with top Fortune 500 and mid-market companies across the United States. Having built partnerships with hundreds of companies, Diversant makes it possible for job seekers to choose from thousands of IT positions. By utilizing Diversant’s service and platform, qualified IT professionals get direct access to company benefits. They also gain access to free professional training from industry-leading staffing experts. 

Diversant focuses much of its attention on the growth of the company and of the professionals that utilize its platform. Diversant produces top-of-the-line industry experts by offering mentoring services, high-quality training, and nearly endless career opportunities that help job seekers excel in their chosen positions. By building a culture of healthy competition and respect in the workplace, Diversant has created an environment where IT professionals can hone their skills while working toward a rewarding career. 

Exceptional Training 

Diversant opens its doors to recent college graduates or mid- to senior-level professionals in search of exciting new career opportunities. The company also offers leadership support and proper training for new initiates, driving career growth and overall success along the way. To prepare its workforce for future challenges, Diversant offers numerous professional development courses on topics such as: 

  • Problem-solving
  • Time management 
  • Management and leadership 
  • Professional effectiveness 
  • Sales and customer service 
  • Human resources 

For those interested in working with Diversant directly, the company offers two positions: 


If you’re brought on as a recruiter, your job responsibilities entails sourcing and screening prospective candidates, completing paperwork, checking references, interacting with the decision-makers of Fortune 1000 and 500 companies, and setting up meetings. The primary role of a recruiter is to screen calls and face-to-face interviews to qualify potential candidates for open job requirements with clients. All recruiters go through a formal training program to ensure that they’re more than ready to represent Diversant professionally. 

Account Manager 

Account managers are the face of Diversant. It’s the job of account managers to present Diversant’s staffing services to hiring managers at Fortune 500 and large mid-market companies. Account managers have a vital position because it falls on their shoulders to build long-term business relationships on Diversant’s behalf. Job details include developing and maintaining partnerships and crucial relationships through events such as professional networking meetings, lunches, dinners, and other social gatherings. Account managers must be self motivated and goal oriented. They are also required to build and establish relationships with new managers.  

Diversity Initiatives 

Diversant offers many diversity initiatives, both in the supply chain and the workplace, which helps produce some of the best IT talent currently in the industry.  

Veterans Programs: STAR and NOVA

Diversant’s STAR and NOVA programs are designed to assist U.S. veterans who are interested in reentering the civilian workforce after military service. Qualified veteran applicants receive classroom instruction, entry-level IT training at an accredited facility, mentoring, and job placement with a sponsoring company. Applicants are required to pass all tests given after classroom instruction. If they pass, they will be hired as Diversant consultants and will receive a salary and benefits. The STAR and NOVA programs were formed to create a path into IT, providing veterans with viable employment opportunities. 

MBE Mentoring Program 

Some companies have more aggressive diversity initiatives than others. More often than not, they may find that their supply chain of Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) vendors aren’t up to the challenge of meeting the demand. Diversant’s mentoring program helps MBE suppliers seek the guidance they need while acting as a framework for control. 

Job Placement Options for IT Professionals 

IT professionals in search of work can rest assured there are many job opportunities available to them through Diversant. These include: 

  • Application Architect 
  • Application Developer 
  • Creative Designer 
  • Database Administrator
  • Data Architect 
  • Enterprise Architect 
  • Information Architect 
  • IT Auditor 
  • Middleware Architect 
  • Mobile Technologies 
  • Networking Administrator
  • Project Manager 
  • System Analyst 
  • User Experience 

Expert IT Staffing Solutions for an Ever-Growing Industry 

Diversant’s focus on diversity in the workplace enables the building of bridges between eager IT professionals and exciting positions at well-established tech companies. John Goullet and the rest of the executive staff at Diversant work tirelessly to meet the unique challenges presented by the IT marketplace and continue to strive for excellence every day.