Kratom: What It Is, And Why You Should Be Using It.

Kratom is a substance that had a lot of media surrounding it in 2016. There was a lot of controversy about the product, and it’s sale in the United States. You have heard specifically about the kratom ban, proposed by the DEA, or Drug Enforcement Administration. This paints a pretty bad picture for kratom in the eyes of the public, since all many people know about it, is that the government wanted to ban it. The DEA wanted to place kratom in the same category as marijuana and heroin. This was shortly followed by a public outrage. Advocates and scientists alike fought against the ban, due to kratom’s medicinal properties, and it’s ability to help people and save lives.

Kratom is a tree grown primarily in Southeast Asia. It’s leaves have been used for hundreds of years as a pain reliever. More recent discoveries have shown that kratom has far more uses than pain relieving alone, however that is still one of the main benefits. Kratom can be used in a large variety of methods. Kratom leaves can be eaten raw, and the effects will be transferred, just not as efficiently. Most people crush up the leaves, into a fine powder, and then put that powder into either a pill or capsule, or brew it into a tea. This allows for a more efficient way of getting kratom into the system, and makes for better storage as well. 

Originally, kratom was used as a pain reliever, and that’s true today as well. But that’s not all. In smaller doses, kratom can act as a stimulant, more used for recreational purposes. However in large doses, kratom becomes a sedative. Sedatives today, such as morphine, have a lot of drawbacks. In many cases, these drugs cause addiction in patients, as their body creates a physical dependency on the product. Kratom affects the same part of the brain as morphine, but it doesn’t cause a physical dependence. Many recreational users continue to use kratom because of its effects, but unlike drugs, don’t become addicted to it. This is a huge discovery in the world of sedation medication, since it may allow scientists to create a powerful sedative, with little to no negative side effects or repercussions. 

Being able to treat patients in hospital, and send them home with medication without fear of addiction, is one of the greatest advancements in medicine to date. At this time, doctors are unlikely to prescribe kratom to patients. This is because the research is ongoing, and new methods are being developed. However, buying kratom online is still one of it’s biggest markets, and can be done completely legally.  

Scientists and doctors have also found ways to use kratom’s recreational stimulating ability to be of use in the medical field as well. It’s mix of pleasing effects and lack of addictive tendencies make for an amazing withdrawal medication. It allows patients to be able to experience the same effects their body desires, without continuing use with damaging or addicting substances. There is also a lot of research currently being done in using kratom to treat anxiety and depression. This is another place where it could definitely be used. Being able to have medication for multiple different purposes, all without negative side effects or addiction, is amazing. A lot of advocates call kratom a “miracle plant” and praise it’s abilities. However, scientists and doctors who support kratom don’t praise it as much as appreciate it, and look forward to it’s growth and potential. It’s exciting to be able to see a new era of medicine possibly springing from the same plant that was used centuries ago for the same purpose