Making the Most of Bad Reviews

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Making the Most of Bad Reviews

Business owners do everything that they can in order to help your customers. That is why it can be quite frustrating to get a bad review. Fortunately, bad reviews are not something that have to stick with a business. Shalom Lamm has some tips that will help everyone make the most of their bad reviews.

Don’t Take It Personal

It is natural to get your feelings hurt if you read a bad review online. However, Lamm recommends that everyone stay calm while they are looking at a review. If a person is able to disassociate themselves from the bad review, then it will be a lot easier for them to respond in a rational manner.

Respond within a Timely Manner

If a customer has a bad experience at your business, then they will likely want to write a bad review shortly after they leave it. That is why it is important to respond within a timely manner. A prompt response shows that the business owner is serious about correcting whatever is wrong.

Stay Professional

Many people are tempted to respond to a bad review in a sarcastic manner. However, it is important to be professional at all times. Respond in a professional manner. Try to offer a solution to the problem. For example, a business owner can offer a discount on a future product or service. They can also give the person the option of speaking to you or someone else about the problem. This shows the customer that the business is willing to do what it takes to make their bad experience better.

Do Some Investigating

In many cases, the customer may mention exactly what they thought was wrong with the business. For example, if someone has a restaurant, then the customer may mention that they did not like the way that their meal was prepared. One should investigate to see how the food was prepared and cooked. They should also talk to the people who cooked the meal.

Use the Feedback to Improve

Regardless of whether a review is negative or positive, it can be used to improve overall customer experience. Addressing the one problem that a customer had can prevent a business from having more negative reviews in the future. It can also help them keep their current customers and attract more.

Keep in mind that the way that someone responds to a review online can also help customers determine whether they want to use a business. One or two negative reviews do not necessarily have to stop a person from using a business. A customer is more likely to use a business in the future if the owner addresses the issue.

Have Someone Else Look at the Response
Shalom Lamm believes that it is a good idea for everyone to have a second set of eyes look at their review before posting it. This will ensure that one is responding in a professional manner. Having someone read a review before sending it could be the thing that determines whether a business loses or attracts customers.