Managing Energy Instead of Time

Managing Energy Instead of Time

Dr. Jordan Sudberg is a Sports and Spine Rehab Doctor in Islandia, New York. He believes that managing energy is more valuable than managing time. What good is time to a person who is exhausted and burnt out, unless, of course, it’s time to recharge. If a person is wasting time because they are in physical pain and have no energy, there is not much use in that. So Dr. Sudberg decided that he wanted to help people maximize their energy. Dr. Sudberg says there are 6 reasons a person may need physical therapy:

1. Neck pain.

2. Back pain.

3. Strains.

4. Sprains.

5. Knee injuries.

6. Dislocated shoulder.

According to Dr. Sudberg, managing energy rather than time allows a person to be more productive. He recommends these helpful tips:

1. Set boundaries with people.

2. Get enough rest and down time.

3. Make time for spiritual work.

4. Keep a journal of energy levels.

5. Delegate responsibilities.

Dr. Sudberg is a Lead Pain Management Doctor who knows how to lead people into taking charge of their own well-being. We as individuals are responsible for managing our own lives, knowing our limits, and not allowing ourselves to give more than we can handle. No one else can do it for us.

Dr. Jordan Sudberg is a 2004 Graduate of St. George’s Medical School. He specializes in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, and Sports Medicine. He has 17 years experience.

Managing energy, not time, is not an easy task. Time is constant, energy levels are not. Learning to do this is a very valuable life skill. Everyone is different, there is not a one size fits all protocol for this. Some people thrive after exercising every morning, even after a night of little sleep. Exercise and enough rest are great ways to energize. It is critical to get enough rest on most days. Being a positive person is also important, since negative emotions are energy drainers. The more optimistic and fulfilled a person is, the more joy and energy he or she has. Here are some more helpful hints to manage energy throughout the day:

1. Control stress.

2. Don’t get overworked.

3. Exercise.

4. Don’t smoke.

5. Get enough sleep, but not too much.

6. Eat healthy.

7. Use caffeine when needed.

8. Limit alcohol.

9. Drink enough water.

Dr. Sudberg is highly qualified. He is a member of American Council on Exercise, as well as American Fitness and Aerobics Association, and numerous other agencies. With his devotion to keeping people on the best path for them, he can tailor make a fitness program for each individual, according to his or her needs. This being said, he helps with all over the 4 energy needs:

1. Physical. Drinking alcohol during the week, and not getting the proper sleep are energy drainers.

2. Emotional energy. He recommends meditation.

3. Mental energy. Have set times to answer emails and return phone calls.

4. Spiritual energy. Become self-aware and delegate responsibilities when needed or allowed.