Microcement and Where it is Used For

Microcement and Where it is Used For

Microcement is a type of cement that has a polymer coating. It is applied thinly on the surface of the floor, walls, and even at commercial establishments, microcement supplies enable builders, interior designers, property managers, architects, and homeowners to create a cementitious visual style in places where it would not otherwise be possible. In addition, because of the high polymer bonding strength of micro cement mixes, this same finish can be implemented over any established material.

Where are Microcement Used?

Micro cement has a wide range of applications and is pretty versatile in furnishing a space. Here are where you can use micro cement effectively:

1. Walls – Microcement has excellent adhesion and elasticity, making it advantageous in creating a durable coating. In addition, within several tests, micro cement always proves a high resistance against the cracks.

2. Stairs – The micro cement properties allow it to be used outdoors and indoors. In fact, one of the most important reasons this is an excellent choice for stairways is that it can be applied without difficulty in corners, which is more challenging to attain with some other coating materials such as tiles.

3. Floors – Like on the wall, using microcement in the flooring of a room enables it to have a uniform and flawless effect. Of course, there’ll be no dictation and joints to be seen. But still, it is more durable and prevents the appearance of cracks.

4. Worktops – Polymers in the microcement comply flawlessly to an original or semi-surface. As a result, your kitchen will have a heat-resistant and adaptable texture that can withstand high temperature, water, heat, and use over time.

5. Swimming Pools – Microcement does not have tiny cracks that permit dirt to pile up because it has no joints and is a continuous layer. As a result, it is a relatively clean substance overall, and it also enables much more manageable and better upkeep.

The Advantages of Using Microcement

Microcement has been widely used in finishing and polishing all kinds of establishments because of these advantages:

    It does not require a thick application. Instead, microcements are applied     thinly on the surfaces. Hence, it is convenient and space-saving.
  • It can do a remodel without the need for removal. As you may know, microcements     can be applied as topping in an already existing ground. The effectiveness does not reduce either way.    
  • It can achieve a grout-free seamless finishing. Upon applying microcement, you can already notice that the cracks and flaws in the surface are all covered up.    
  • It makes an industrial, modern, and aesthetic concrete effect in the room.    
  • It has a wide range of color options where you can choose from. Moreover, there are also multiple choices in the finishing options.    
  • It can tolerate underfloor Heating, so most often, it is used as a covering.    
  • It can be applied inside the establishment or outside. The microcement is     pretty versatile in application, and it is not very picky in where it wants to be.    
  • It is easy to maintain as it is straightforward to clean. Just like how it prevents cracks from happening, micro cement is pretty much perfect when it comes to keeping itself clean.    

It is warmer than concrete. Usually, concrete floorings are cold on the feet, but using microcement as flooring can allow you to have a cozier stay.