Mint Mobile reviews: 3 months free

For a limited time, when you first switch to Mint Mobile and buy 3 months of service, then you get 3 months free. It has to be a new activation (meaning that this is your first time with Mint Mobile) and it has to be activated within 45 days of buying the starter kit. 

You can buy the Mint Mobile starter kit for $5 in many online and in-store realtors. The starter kit comes with a SIM card that you can use to test out the coverage and service before you buy. Once you decide you want to switch to Mint, then you can activate the second SIM card for your phone you have now or buy a new one. 

You can keep your current phone, as long as it is compatible with Mint Mobile (you can check here to see if your phone is compatible) or you can buy a new one through their Phones tab on 

Once you have the starter kit and a phone, you can get it activated by paying $20 a month for three months. Then, you get 3 months free! You can pay $20 a month (for $60 total) to get 6 months of service and coverage. 

These 6 months of service include unlimited talk and text, and 8GB of 4G LTE each month. After the initial 6 months, the coverage will return to normal pricing. The normal pricing offers plans from 3, 6, and 12 months at a time. The more you buy at a time means the more you save. 

Mint Mobile offers intro pricing on their 3-month packages, meaning you can get a discount on your first three months, as well. The plans come in three sizes of data: 3GB, 8GB, and 12GB. All plans come with unlimited talk and text. 

For three months of 3GB data each month it is $15 a month ($45 total). For three months of 8GB you pay $20 a month ($60 total). For three months of 12GB a month, you pay $25 a month ($75 total). 

Mint Mobile operates on a pre-paid basis. This means that you pay for the months in advance, then you use the coverage. So, for a three-month plan with 12GB a month, you would pay $75 then you would have your service for 3 months. 

When it is time to renew your plan, you can use the Mint Mobile wallet to save your bank account information. This means that it will automatically renew your coverage on the same plan that you are currently on.  

There is also no contract. So, if you want to pause coverage or switch to another provider, you simply let your coverage run out. Check out this awesome review on Mint Mobile service for a better in-depth explanation. 

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