Motorcycle Riding in the UK: Safety Tips and Suggestions

If you are a biker in the UK, you might be a strictly summer rider, or someone who rides all year, as your bike is your only form of transportation, but either way, you do need to wear the right clothing and protective equipment. You are advised to seek out some professional riding tuition at the outset, and as you probably know, the type of driving licence you have, determines the power level of your bike. This is for a very good reason; you cannot allow a 17-year old to ride a powerful Ducati superbike with more than 120hp, and starting with a small 50cc engine, you can gradually develop riding experience and move through the ranks.

Here are a few safety tips to ensure you enjoy the riding experience.

  • Hi-Vis Vests – These are great, as a hi-vis vest or jacket means you are more visible to other road users. You can buy these from any motorcycle accessory online store, and with the best quality motorbike jackets at Wheels Motorcycles, you can acquire everything you need for safe riding.
  • Ride Responsibly – The way you ride has a lot to do with the risks, and you should never exceed the speed limits, or take any form of risk, especially in wet conditions. Always ride with your headlights on, as this makes you more visible to other road users, yet avoid using high-beam, as this could blind oncoming drivers.
  • Wet Weather Riding – If you buy a pair of waterproof pants that slip over regular trousers and a waterproof top, you can ride in the wet, and you could buy a set that easily folds up and store them on the bike. You never know when it will rain in the UK, so it is important to be prepared, and a thin wet suit is both light and can be deployed quickly.
  • Tyres – Of course, your tyres are the only thing holding you on the road surface, therefore they should be suitable for the terrain, with more than enough tread, and by sticking to the tried and trusted brands that we all know, your biking should be safe, adventurous and fun.

Touring Advice

Summer is the best time to go touring on two wheels, and the great British countryside has many amazing regions to explore on your bike, and with quaint inns and taverns for overnight accommodation, you can enjoy the undeniable beauty of the English country life. Search online and you’ll find e-stores that sell panniers, boxes and bags that will increase your storage space, and with some careful packing, you’d be surprised at what you can carry on your bike. Of the many situations when you might take out a loan, kitting you and your bike out is certainly a priority that warrants borrowing.

Special Insurance

While you must have third-party insurance by law, you should also take out a policy that covers the damage of theft of your machine and any medical expenses you might have due to an accident. Vehicle insurance in the UK is clearly listed on the UK government website, which will ensure that you stay on the right side of the law.