My Favorite Weekend Activities

During the weekdays, most of the people get busy doing various things such as office work. Therefore, most people usually wait to be given a break from office work during a weekend or holiday. We all love this feeling when we leave the office or our last class on a Friday evening, very happy to go home and just be free for two days. We love the weekends, and we always try our best to make the most of it. Therefore, in this article, I will share some of the things that Alexander Djerassi likes getting involved in during the weekends.


One of the most interesting things to know about him is that he likes going out and having fun with his friends. He likes going out to drink with his friends and usually does this during summer. He prefers doing it mostly during summer because he feels that he can do it all the time, yet he also needs money. Despite doing it once in a while, it is one of his favourite things to do. A night for him usually involves spending the night in the pub and eating dinner. He also ensures they take good care of themselves while drinking in the pub. One of the best feelings you can have is laughing with your friends and thinking of something other than studies and jobs.

2.Staying at Home

This is another good decision you make on how to spend your weekend after having busy weekdays. This rarely happens but is trying to do it more because having a rest and deciding to take care of yourself is also important. Apart from going out with friends, it is also wise to spend some time for  yourself. Most people hate being alone and love enjoying the company of friends and family members. But with time, they learn that it is also important to embrace yourself and love being alone. This gives you ample time to take a deep breath and think more about yourself.

3.Going to the Movies

Some of the people would not enjoy watching a movie at home, however sweet the movie is. They prefer going out with friends to the movies, which gives them joy and company. Sometimes you may find it difficult to stay focused and concentrate on anything you do. At work, you also feel bored and tired of doing the same job every day. When the weekend arrives, you need to go out and enjoy some time with your friends and family. Going to the movies with family and friends and shouting, enjoying the movies breaks the monotony you had in the office. It also helps you to have a relaxed mind and take a fresh breath. When another day for office work arrives, maybe on Monday, you will find that your level of concentration has increased.


Alexander Djerassi believes that spending a good time with friends and relatives is such a good feeling and the only time you can do this is on a weekend or holiday. You should therefore ensure you don’t do the same things you do on weekdays during the weekends.