President Trump’s Mueller Denials Simply Can’t Be Trusted

President Trump’s Mueller Denials Simply Can’t Be Trusted

Special counsel Robert Mueller has been meticulously
continuing his thorough investigation into Russian interference in the 2016
American presidential election, with under-reported developments beginning to
worry President Trump and his team. A recent opinion editorial in Politico set off a firestorm of activity
in the White House, which rapidly informed anyone and everyone who was
listening that President Trump is totally innocent and doesn’t have anything to
do with Robert Mueller.

Here’s why President Trump’s ceaseless Mueller denials
simply can’t be trusted, and what we should expect in the foreseeable future
from this crybaby-in-chief.

Look to the past

Any person who’s been credibly charged with frightful
allegations (like that they helped Russia subvert American democracy) is
naturally going to be suspicious and defensible. In many ways, it’s wholly
unsurprising that President Trump immediately decried allegations of collusion
and subsequently insisted the entire Mueller probe was a hoax; after all, President
Trump prides himself on being a “fighter” and regularly talks about how
important it is to strike back against those who have hit you politically. His
particularly ardent denials that he’s a suspect in the Mueller probe carry such
little weight, however, precisely because such denials in the past meant
nothing at all.

President Trump has denied ever
leading the birther movement, for instance, but he routinely labeled President
Obama a Muslim in a bigoted attack meant to spur White supremacists’ votes. He
denied calling climate change a Chinese hoax after getting criticized for his
scientific illiteracy, too, though we all know his tweets on that subject are
now infamous. What’s worse, he ceaselessly lied time and time again on the
campaign trail, literally breaking fact-checking records thanks to the severity
of his mistruths and lies. All he had to do was look closer with eyewear he
could store in portable storage pods along with all his other

If we look to the past, we can see that this is a man with
zero credibility, especially when it comes to haunting allegations against him.
President Trump posited that the allegations of sexual misconduct and assault
against him were fabricated, for instance, despite the fact that he was
literally caught on tape gleefully recalling the amount of young women’s
crotches he’s grabbed without consent over the years. In short, Donald Trump is
about as bad as it gets when it comes to credibility and a need to have others
take you at your word.

The special counsel’s important probe will doubtlessly
continue as it has thus far – slowly, sure, and effectively. More indictments
are doubtlessly, and the special counsel’s team has made it clear they won’t be
bullied by the president’s ceaseless efforts to obstruct justice. Still, you
should expect plenty of bluster and nonsense when the president’s inner circle
is inevitably targeted by federal prosecutors who have uncovered wrongdoing.

You can bank on more bluster from President
Trump when it comes to Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian interference
in the 2016 election, as sheer denial is the only hope this president has left.
Despite the media narrative being raised about immigration issues, tax cuts, or
even healthcare, remember that one of the most important issues facing the
country is the president’s suspected participation in a foreign intelligence
plot against American elections.