Small Business Promotion Strategies

Some of the most successful businesses are big brands known globally. There is no big business that is not known. This is because getting your business out there is one of the best ways to grow it as a brand. Rarely will new customers buy a product from you if they have never heard of you? Having a great promotion strategy is crucial for the success of the business.

Promoting business requires money, something tight for most small and startup businesses. However, this is something small businesses must endeavor to do as it is the only way to grow as a brand. This is something Shalom Lamm strongly believes in advising businesses to grow positive exposure. He thinks businesses, no matter how big, or small they are, need good exposure for success.

There are several ways small businesses can promote their businesses and spread the word about what they are doing. The strategies don’t have to be expensive to work. Most of these strategies are cost-effective and easy to implement.

Sponsor Contents as a Promotional Strategy

People like free things and winning a prize for a contest is always appealing. The idea behind a contest is to promote your business brand and not to make a sale. Businesses need to be creative and sponsor contests that create brand awareness.

Content Marketing

This is a proven strategy and one that can provide the greatest impact on your business. Content marketing involves creating and spreading valuable content on sites to attract and gain organic traffic to your website. High-quality content can drive an organic audience and create a positive customer attraction. This is why you see many businesses having a website with a blog section.

Sometimes, potential customers need a simple answer to questions in your niche. Being able to answer their questions is enough to grow a brand without even making a sale. Businesses need to aim at creating content that educates readers. Create quality content that touches on customer pain points to gain trust in the industry.

Social Media Promotion

Social media promotion is one of the best ways to get the word out there about your business. With people spending more time on social media than before, it makes sense to create promotion strategies on these platforms. You can run ad campaigns that target a specific audience of your choice.

It is recommended that businesses invest heavily in social media campaigns. Apart from selling products directly on social media, businesses can create awareness of what they do and grow an audience. Having a huge social media following translates to signups and sales.

Email Marketing

Email marketing works in tandem with digital marketing where you retain a connection with your customers. Not everybody that visits your site will buy right away. Create a lead magnet where you can get customer emails in exchange for an offer. Growing your email list is equivalent to growing your business. However, you still need quality content to accompany the emails.

Customer Referral Incentive Program

This is an effective way to gain new customers by offering an incentive for any referral. Give current customers huge discounts, free products, and cash rewards for any customer they refer to your business.


In conclusion, businesses need exposure to grow. Shalom Lamm encourages small businesses to get out there and share their business with potential customers. You can only grow and make sales when people know you exist.