The Benefits Of A Motability Car Scheme

The Motability scheme has been specifically designed to help disabled individuals remain mobile. It allows the disabled to exchange the weekly mobility allowances they get to cover the lease cost of a new vehicle. This scheme leases mobility scooters, Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles and cars to persons that qualify for the mobility allowances issued by the government.

Let’s take a look at a few reasons why you should strongly consider motability cars.

  • Freedom To Enjoy Independence

Arguably one of the biggest benefits as far as being a motability car user is concerned is the independence it provides you with. Having the ability to remain on the road means that you can travel when and where you want knowing that you have the backing of a top nationwide charity organization.

  • Helps You Stay Mobile In The Simplest Way

From the application process until the collection of the vehicle’s keys themselves, Motability ensures things stay as simple as possible. Your adviser will handle all the necessary paperwork and submit the application online. A regular monthly fee will then need to get paid which will cover almost all running costs, repairs, servicing, road tax, insurance and more.

  • It’s Affordable

Part or all of the weekly mobility allowances you get is used to settle weekly lease payments. The leftover money gathered each week is then paid directly to you via the Veterans UK or the DWP, depending on the entity that funds your allowance. Some of the motability cars for sale at the Sandown-group can be acquired with zero advance payments, which means you can start driving without making prior or advance payments.

  • Fuss-Free Adaptations

If modifying your vehicle is something you think you might want to do, then this can be organized when the car is ordered. You can arrange for access, stowage and driving adaptations, and most of these often come free of charge. If your requirements change halfway through the Motability agreement you have, then the adaptations can be carried out easily with minimal disruptions to one’s life.

  • It’s Easy

From picking the right model vehicle to having the said delivered to you, the entire Motability procedure is both simple and straightforward. Once you’ve ordered the vehicle and gotten the agreement set up, the car lease gets settled directly with the weekly mobility allowance. These leases usually include all the running costs you’re expected to incur, except for fuel.

  • One-Stop Shop

Another huge benefit of using Motability schemes to get a car is how convenient it tends to be. At Sandown-group you can get a wide range of motability cars that are suitable for you and they’ll give you support all throughout the process of acquiring the vehicle of your choice.  

  • Wrapping Up

Although a lot of the costs linked with running a vehicle, including breakdown cover, servicing costs and insurance, are handled by Motability car scheme, there are a few other costs you might have to consider. With that said, they’re usually costs that can be handled without too much stress.