The power of shifting one’s mindset: Alia Yasmin Khan’s journey from emotional distress to self-love and mindset coaching

Our mental attitudes and belief systems have a significant impact on the quality of life that we live.

This is because our thoughts, feelings, and emotions build our experience and can even influence our environments. Take, for example, two people living under the same challenging conditions, e.g., growing up with financial difficulties.

One believes they do not have the opportunities others have, so they cannot prosper. Hence, they subconsciously decide to just get by—do the jobs that come their way, and only attract people in the same environment who can understand that some people are less advantaged.

The other does not hold the same beliefs and is opportunistic about life. They believe that opportunities are equal for all and they can become whoever they want. With time, this person attracts better environments, and their surroundings do not dictate their happiness.

Shifting one’s mindset can change one’s lifestyle, from a victim kind of life to becoming an architect of your own destiny. Alia Yasmin Khan, founder of Sublime Knowledge, is a testament to how changing your mindset can transform the quality of your life.

Alia Yasmin Khan’s Challenging Environment

At a young age, Alia’s life was filled with worry and anxiety. She watched her mother battle with ill health and lived in constant fear of losing her. 

At 11, Alia had to endure the devastating loss of people close to her. Her father passed away, and a close friend, then a cousin, shortly followed. These events led to great emotional distress that would have a massive impact on her teenage years.

She became depressed and suicidal as she didn’t see any meaning in her life. Ironically, she would manage to mask these feelings for her mother’s sake. Her mother was still ailing, and she had to be strong enough to take care of her. 

When she turned 18, Alia Yasmin Khan encountered her first experience of the power of working on your mindset. A close friend of hers, a Scientologist, introduced her to an auditing process that included analyzing her life and pointing out the source of her negative thoughts. The therapy helped her eliminate these thoughts and have hope in her life. 

Her new outlook on life created a thirst for financial independence, and she sought her first job. Ambition and desire to succeed pushed her high up the ranks to managerial positions, and she even relocated from New York to Phoenix, Arizona. For the first time in a long while, Alia was enjoying peace and calm in her life.

This lasted until 2017, when her mother’s condition worsened, and doctors predicted that her time on earth was almost up. Alia’s old emotions of fear, worry, and anxiety crept back. But this time, she had discovered the power of meditation. Every now and then, she would get into deep meditation, and this helped her process her emotions and find calmness in her difficult moments.

Satori Moment and Sublime Knowledge

One night, something magical happened while she was deep in meditation. She encountered a satori moment and started receiving a  massive flow of information in her mind. For the following six months, she would write the words and phrases that kept coming to her, sometimes waking up deep into the night.

Soon after, she started studying this knowledge and applying it in her life. Among the most valuable lessons was the power of the mind and the value of life. She started loving herself, appreciating her life, and honoring it. With renewed understanding, she would enjoy her time with her mother and improve their relationship. Alia and her mother had transparent talks and forgave each other for whatever they held in their hearts.  

By the time her mother passed on in 2021, Alia had enjoyed a beautiful time with her more than ever. She even recovered emotionally faster than in the past when she had lost other close people.  

Importantly, Alia shared her knowledge with friends and relatives and watched them change their mindsets and improve their lives. To reach more people, she created the Intuitive Ascending Mind Workbook, which seeks to help them increase their awareness and rewrite the mental programs that do not serve them.

In 2022, she started Sublime Knowledge, her mindset coaching business, to empower more people to shift their mindsets and focus on their life goals and purpose. She specializes in love, wealth, and health. Alia Yasmin Khan’s mission is to share with others how our mental states can have a significant impact on personal growth and success.