Tips for a Stress-Free Relocation

We all know how
stressful moving house can be, especially when relocating a large family home,
and if you are looking to move sometime in the near future, your thoughts will
turn to the move, and with that in mind, here are a few tips from the pros to
make the move a smooth and uneventful experience.

  • Packing – Use a system such as code numbers to write on the
    sides of packing boxes. Don’t make the mistake of writing the contents on the
    top of the box, as when you stack, you will have to unstack to read the tags.
    Write the contents on all four sides, that way, you will always be able to read
    it. Colour labels are perfect, one colour for each room. If you use a good
    removal company, you won’t have to concern yourself with the packing, as
    industry professionals will ensure that everything is packed and labelled,
    ready to be transported.
  • Choosing the Removalist – If you choose a local company like Pro Removals in Sydney, you can rest assured that you can focus on
    other aspects of the move, knowing they have you covered. Avoid one man shows,
    as an illness or truck breakdown could jeopardise the move, while an
    established company would have the resources to ensure the operation goes ahead
    as planned.
  • Create a Checklist – Take your time with this, as there will
    be many things to arrange – the utilities at both properties, subscriptions
    that require a change of address and the domestic services you normally use,
    they would need to be informed that you no longer require their services, or a
    change of address if you plan to keep using them. The power and water need to
    be turned on at the new dwelling, as do the telephone and Internet, which you
    can arrange over the phone, plus you might want to arrange a house cleaning company
    to go in a few days before the move, then you can arrive to a spotlessly clean
  • Confirm your Dates with the Removalist – It has been known for there to be a
    miscommunication and the removal team don’t show up on the date, as the
    customer did not confirm, so do send them an email a few days prior to the move
    date, as a reminder.
  • Arrange a Day Out for the Kids – If you have relatives who are able to
    take your kids for the day, this would be invaluable, and pets need to be given
    special consideration. Dogs are often disorientated when arriving at a new home
    and can easily run off and get lost. Cats are not so liable to run off, but any
    pet should be kept in for a while, and let them explore the house, which is
    perfectly natural.

Your choice of
removal company is the key to a smooth move, and with all of the above in mind,
you can look forward to your new home and the next chapter of your life. Google
can help you with your search for a good removal contractor, and once that is
booked, you can relax.