Tips For Building A Family Garden

Tips For Building A Family Garden

Starting a family garden on your land is a great way to get the family working on something productive.  A family garden will not only give your family plenty of bonding time, it will provide nourishing, healthy food for your bodies.

You can teach your children as you learn yourself by working together to build a thriving garden.  Here are a few tips to help you get the process started.

Take the time for planning

Before you get your hands dirty, put your brain to work.  You need to decide what you and your family want to plant in the garden, and then decide how much of each crop you want to grow.

Once you have decided what you want to plant, you need to plot out how you will plant it.  Once you figure up a good layout of your new garden, it’s time to get ready to go outside.

You have to prepare the land

You have a plan. It’s time to put the plan into action. This is the step where you get to really get your hands dirty. The first step you need to complete is clearing the land.

Clearing land can be a tough job, depending on what is standing in the way of a clean plot. You may want to get a small tractor to help with the heavy lifting parts of the job.

Once the land is cleared, you have to prep the soil for the plants. Turn the top of the doil, and consider laying a layer of store-bought topsoil to assure the plants have plenty of rich dirt to enjoy.

Learn the info for planting and tending

Unfortunately, you’re not born with the knowledge of what every plant needs to thrive.  You’ll have to invest some time into researching just what you need to do to keep your garden healthy.

You need to know at what depth and how far apart to plant your seeds.  You need to know the watering requirements of your plants.  Learn sun exposure needs and temperature tolerances for each of your crops as well.

Delegate responsibilities throughout the family

It will take your whole team of tenders to keep up with the maintenance on your garden once all the planting is done.  Make a schedule for everyone, so they know their job and when to perform it.

Enjoy the fruits (or veggies) of your labors

After the family has pulled together to create a productive garden on your land, it’s time to harvest.  Harvest is the best time, because now you all get to eat your rewards.  Give yourselves a pat on the back, and enjoy a great meal with the whole family.