Tips for Young Professionals to Reach Their Goals

Tips for Young Professionals to Reach Their Goals

Jonathan Osler knows that it’s difficult for young professionals to make and make for themselves in business. He knows the struggles that people need to go through to get ahead. Osler has some tips for young professionals. These are some tips that young professionals can use to meet their goals.


When it comes to finding a job and getting ahead in the work world sometimes it is more about who is known and the position that is held rather than what is known. This is why networking with other professionals is so important. They will help another know if a company is hiring and they may even help a person move up the ranks in their current company. Between 70 and 85 percent of job openings are discovered through networking. Around 80 percent of jobs are not open to the public.

It is important from an early age to get to know as many professionals as possible. Always be polite and respectful. They may be the person that knows of an opening to help another get ahead.

Get a Mentor

When a person is beginning the best help and advice that they can get is from another person with experience in the field. They can answer any questions and provide advice. This is a great way to learn new skills and what is important in the career. They will also learn how to get ahead. If the employer does not provide a mentor many professional groups can help with this.

Take on More

Once a person is comfortable in their role and has learned how to handle all of the responsibilities of the job they can ask for more tasks. A person should not wait on their boss to give them more roles. This can take a long time. instead, they should ask. This can help a person gain additional skills and will allow them to show off what they can do.

Performance Review

Some people may see a performance review as a pain. Employers do not like to take the time to do them and employees often do not want to take them seriously. This is a big mistake. A performance review is a tool that can help a person grow as a professional. They should show the employer their skills. They should also take any feedback seriously and use it to make changes. If the supervisor sees that a person is willing to learn and grow this will make a positive impression.

Learn the Skills

Some industries use certain terms, tools, and processes. A person should take the time to learn them. This way they can show others that they are serious and they are willing to learn. They should stay up to date on the latest developments to help them get ahead. These are some tips from Jonathan Osler that can be used to help young professionals grow in their careers and reach their career goals. These tips can help a person stand out and they can use them to advance in their career.