Video Shows Professional Baseball Player Danry Vasquez Brutally Beating His Girlfriend

Shocking security camera footage shows former Corpus Christi Hooks player Danry Vasquez brutally beating his girlfriend
The video was recorded in August 2016 after a practice with the Hooks
The Hooks released Vasquez from the team days after the attack
Vasquez received a slap on the wrist for the extremely violent attack
The Lancaster Barnstormers cut ties with Vasquez after the video was released to the public

A shocking video has been released showing 24-year-old professional baseball player Danry Vasquez brutally beating his girlfriend in a stairwell at Whataburger Field in Corpus Christi, Texas.

The video was recorded in August 2016 after a practice with the Corpus Christi Hooks—the Houston Astros affiliate in the AA minor league.

In the video, Vasquez is seen opening the door to a stairwell at Whataburger Field with a female identified only as his girlfriend at the time.

Vasquez cuts in front of the woman and goes down a couple of steps before viciously backhanding her. He then hits the victim in the back of the head and begins dragging her down the stairs by her hair and her arm.

Once down the first set of stairs, Vasquez backhands the woman again, before pinning her against the wall and attempting to put her glasses back on her face.

As the couple begins to go down the second set of steps, Vasquez is still talking very aggressively before appearing to tell the woman to stay there for a moment while he exits through the door they entered.

Moments later, Vasquez returns, and the couple begins walking down the second set of stairs. Vasquez stops in the middle of the steps and appears to be speaking to someone on the level above the couple. It is unknown what he is saying due to the video lacking audio. The female victim continues walking down the stairs as Vasquez talks.

Vasquez catches up to the woman and backhands her again, this time knocking her glasses off her face and onto the floor. The woman almost curls into a fetal position before Vasquez forces her to stand up by her arm.

Vasquez attempts to put the victim’s glasses back on her face again, then goes to pick up her purse just before the video ends.

Days after the assault occurred, the Hooks released Vasquez from the team. However, even with officials in possession of the video of Vasquez’s vicious attack, his punishment was equal to that of a slap on the wrist.

Vasquez served no jail time. Instead, he was sentenced to probation and forced to take anger management classes. Nueces County District Attorney Mark Gonzalez told TMZ Sports the victim did not want to pursue charges.

Gonzalez claimed the prosecution wanted to pursue charges but felt it would be a losing battle without a cooperating witness. On March 6, the case was formally dismissed after Vasquez had completed the terms of his probation, according to Gonzalez.

Vasquez would go on to sign a contract with the Lancaster Barnstormers of the Atlantic League of Professional Baseball. Once the video of Vasquez’s attack was released to the public, he was released from the team.