Volunteering is important for global progression

One of the most crucial acts a person can do for his/her/their community is to give back in some way. There are thousands of ways to volunteer to spread awareness about political beliefs, global climate issues, religious organizations, and much more. As the world fills with garbage, recycling has never been more important. Shalom Lamm, a CEO of a non-profit organization, has told his community how important volunteering is. It can easily help towns and cities be more sustainable and help build friendships along the way.

Many citizens recycle because they know how important it is to give back to the earth. As many seem to forget, there is no Planet B. We must work together to push those less likely to be sustainable into an efficient, healthy future. It’s of the utmost importance. Many people throw garbage out their windows while driving or leave trash on the beach. It takes only a few good-hearted people to take time out of their day to walk around their communities to pick up trash. Yes, volunteering isn’t a glamorous profession, but it’s not supposed to be. By putting oneself out of their comfort zone can be uncomfortable but will help with the future of the world. Shalom Lamm volunteers with his organization, Operation Benjamin. It helps him stay grounded and he knows that the help he gives others will be meaningful and honest. Helping others is something that is taught during education, but isn’t always extended past that. Adults, especially young adults, need to shape the world to be more eco-conscious and develop more organizations that run volunteer opportunities. It’s a matter of time before the sun gets too hot and the world changes forever. Volunteer while volunteering can still occur.