Ways to Incorporate More Comedy into Your Life

Laughter is a physiological response to merriment, happiness, or joy that involves rhythmic and involuntary motion. Countless studies have been undertaken in recent years that indicate the positive impacts of laughing about physical and mental health. Humor is an excellent method to keep ourselves and others from taking ourselves or life too seriously. It’s lovely to be in the company of people who can laugh at themselves – their quirks, blunders, and awkward times. They are increasing the amount of happiness around the globe. Continue reading for suggestions on how to incorporate more humor into your life.

Stand Up Comedy

Hundreds of short videos and many Netflix specials—featuring some fantastic comics— are available. Better yet, pay for a live performance. Nothing makes you feel more vulnerable than watching live stand-up comedy. On stage, comedians like Chaunte Wayans reveal their hearts and souls. It will help you appreciate the humor, even if they aren’t always laugh-out-loud humorous. Listen to emerging and upcoming comedians to uncover a voice that makes you laugh aloud. Everyone’s palate is different, so find what you enjoy.


It can be entertaining to follow hilarious folks on Twitter. Find genuinely funny people and engage with them, track them, and tell them how much you admire their work. Skimming through this social media site is more fun the more people you follow who make you chuckle. Unfollow them if things grow dark and the writer makes you uncomfortable or tells you indecent jokes regularly. Ensure that your feed is both uplifting and enjoyable.

State Of Mind

Don’t take everything too seriously all of the time, even if your duties in pain and feeling weigh you down. Allow for a sense of fun, excitement, and childlike wonder. According to scientists, almost any circumstance can be treated in a fun manner. Playfulness is a mental state in which you let go of restrictions and use your creativity to develop new ideas and answers. Having enough unscheduled time, trying new things, following spontaneous ideas, or gamifying your daily life can help you feel more fun.


A captive audience is said to be the best audience, and who could be held more captive than your children? The nice thing about kids is that they enjoy it when you make up songs, stroll around with a phony British accent, or dance. They don’t go into the next room and dial 911 for help. They don’t roll their eyes and send texts to their friends like, ‘what is up with that girl. Use them as a required source of hilarity. Allow joy and light to fill your home, and have fun with it. Everyone will feel protected and joyful as a result of the laughter. Make it a point to laugh a lot.

Dig For It

We’ve all had bad times when nothing seems to be humorous. Even in the most trying of circumstances, there may be a sense of humor. Laughing at a funeral is typically inappropriate, but laughing at a post-funeral event is sometimes acceptable. In cases where the “funny” isn’t immediately evident, you may have to dig deep to uncover the humor. However, if you can master this activity (or at least work on it), you can be the one to help people—or even yourself—light up the darkest moments of their lives.