What The Media Has To Do With Politics

As the 2020 Presidential elections start to roll in, the media will start covering campaigns, and anything the candidates do from now until November. Ken Kurson, an editor and political advisor has experience covering politics in media outlets. It can be nerve-racking to express an opinion online or to be factually mistaken about something. However, the media has a way of debating politics and covering it at the same time. This can be both a positive or negative to the audience tuning in.

The media, especially privately owned stations, can choose to cover what they want. If they are far left, the likelihood of covering something far-right in a positive light might be uncommon. As everyone knows, Fox and CNN are one different spectrum of coverage. A young person who might be new to the world of politics might decide which candidate to vote for based on the facts that are being displayed on the TV. Many top scale anchors are good at their jobs because they can say something about someone without actually saying it. They can get quoted and so forth which is why media and politics are so heavily related. There are many sectors of the media that just debate politics and nothing else. However, for many sources, it’s important to remain neutral and try to just stick to factual information. Interpretation can cause havoc in many situations, according to Ken Kurson. A lot of the time, sources aren’t given a full story, for complete information thus resulting in negative press and that correlates heavily with the influence on politics.