What To Consider Before Installing a Sliding Door At Your Location

With their modern look and the space saving mechanism, sliding doors have drawn the attention of all. Their demand and popularity is increasing exponentially as people decide to replace standard old-fashioned doors with classy new designs of sliding doors at their place.

However, there are some considerations one must look into while installing a sliding door at his location. This article sums up those vital considerations so that you  make a smarter choice without getting into inconveniences.

Types Of Sliding doors

First and foremost, let’s introduce you to the types of sliding doors. Architects have dived deep in creativity and have staged numerous designs for us to choose from according to our taste and space saving needs.The type of sliding door you choose mostly depends on the space you have in your house. So choose wisely.

The Hanging Sliding Door

The hanging sliding door slides and overlaps a panel. The door is hung on a  horizontal rail above and all the weight of the door is suspended on the rollers in the rail attached to the top of the door The wall on which you wish to install this must be wide enough for the panel to overlap.

Hidden Sliding Door

If you have a small space and want to make the most out of it, then installing a hidden sliding door might be the best option so far. They make the house look more roomy due to their smart mechanism and installing them isn’t that difficult either. Architects really do have some amazing tricks up their sleeves.

The Two Pane Glass Sliding Door

Two pane sliding doors are still commonly installed in houses, restaurants and offices. You can say that these were the very first type, a very simple mechanism which includes a  rail at the top which enables one pane to slide behind the other. Preferably, the most economic option amongst all the types.

Door Materials

Choose a tough material to save you from future accidents. Glass is more widely used all over the world due to its elegance and ability to give an illusion of a bigger place. But adding on to this, please install a glass door which is made using a tough material like shatterproof or tempered glass. Glass sliding doors are usually plain and give a modern and decent look however there are numerous creative designs to choose from if you go for other materials.

Other than glass, there are plenty of more options to choose from like wood, aluminium and vinyl which are also popular sliding door materials. Wooden designs showcase their crafty look, aluminium and vinyl also feature eye catching designs and you also may choose a blend of materials to have a combination of materials. The Wood and glass combination is the most common and usually seen inside homes.

Choose anything that fits your place but the toughness should not be compromised on. You may need door repairs later, but no fear! Door repair in Rochester NY is very affordable and you can call them up anytime for any assistance.

Door Sizes

It is not always convenient to buy ready made doors, for wall sizes may vary for different places in your house. Sliding doors do save the opening space but the installation largely depends upon the width of the wall and the type of door you choose. Measuring the size is one of the most crucial parts and it is better to take assistance from professionals. Your measurements will also determine the length of the track/rails. Make sure you choose heavy duty rollers to have a smooth sliding door. 

Possible Sliding door installation areas

One of the manifestations of sliding doors is a non-claustrophobic look inside your house/apartment. And henceforth people majorly install sliding doors where they need to save space which is usually wasted by standard hinged doors as opening space. 

The amount of space required for the installation depends upon the type of sliding door you choose. You need a wide wall for larger sliding doors whereas hidden sliding doors can be installed in small tricky areas for instance the bathroom, wardrobe or laundry. More commonly, glass sliding doors are installed in balconies or the main entrance for a beautiful unobstructed view and showers of natural light in the daytime. Plus, they serve as excellent room dividers for adding privacy in places such as the dining area, living room and studies.