What You Can Do To Stay Safe While House Shopping

Jack Plotkin Goldman Sachs

If you or a family member are looking for a new home, there are certain precautions that must be met prior to exploring it in person. Open houses can now be held online which is a great way to gain more of an audience. Shalom Lamm, an inexperienced realtor, and developer, believes that keeping families safe is more important than exploring a house in-person.

On the side of a realtor, it’s important to keep the house extremely sanitized. Foot covers should be provided for everyone as well as gloves. This shouldn’t be negotiable for any client and a PDF of rules should be sent to everyone before entering.In addition, the realtor should remove any furniture in the home. A lot of times, placing furniture is a much better way for clients to envision themselves living there. However, that’s very unsanitary and if they interact with the furniture, it will be more difficult to clean. Shalom Lamm recommends getting tested every three days after showing an open house. That way, no virus is being spread.