Why International Travel is Cathartic

When stepping into a new culture, there are so many emotions that race through a person’s mind. Will I get lost? Is this country as beautiful as in the pictures? What are some extraordinary activities to do? Traveling is cathartic because it can be life-changing and so expressive. Diego Ruiz Durán loves international travel because he learns so much from other cultures and brings that into his work. 

One of the best things to do when traveling is trying new foods. For example, if a person was to go to Spain, trying Paella Valenciana is a must. The different spices and herbs used to season food are custom in certain cultures and can’t be found in other places on Earth. In addition, traveling is amazing because of the beauties each country possesses. Seeing the rolling hills to canyons to highlands is an unforgettable experience. Meeting the locals of small villages is transformative and very humbling. Diego Ruiz Durán enjoys supporting small businesses when he travels because he wants them to keep spreading joy to many other travelers. International travel is recommended to anyone!