Why People Prefer Android Over iPhone  

Macro view of stock market application on touchscreen smartphone

Smartphones have improved over the past few years; with this evolution comes improvements in software and hardware, which heightens the competition. Android and iPhone are the leading competitors in the smartphone world, and they have a huge fan base. Some people prefer Android, while others prefer iPhone because of the different features they incorporate. However, there are a few who prefer both smartphones, like Andrew Napolitano. This article will discuss why people prefer Android over iPhone and highlight some features Android possess over their competitors.

Android Offers a Wide Hardware Variety Than the iPhone

iPhones are known for their limited variety of choices in phones; they offer few varieties of phones. For instance, iPhone 12 is available in four types. The least specked, which is the iPhone 12, is relatively expensive when compared with androids. Their highest model iPhone 12 Max, is way too expensive, unlike some other high-end androids.

Android, on the other hand, is very friendly when it comes to hardware variety. They can have two or more releases of their phones within a year. Android companies produce their phones with the different income levels of consumers in mind; their lower-level phones are cheap and affordable to the low earning. Not only are they cheap but also, they have some features which make their phone useful and enjoyable to every buyer.

Android Offers a USB-C Charger, Unlike Lightning Chargers in the iPhone

The issue with lightning cable has had many complaints because of their tendency to break frequently, and when replacing, their prices are high. iPhone users are forced to use this since they can’t charge their devices using any other charger.

However, android users are privileged to have USB-C, which is used by many devices from phones to laptops. This makes charging easy since one cable can be used for your phone and laptop. They are also cheaper than their competitors because many companies produce them.

Some android comes with headphone jacks, unlike iPhones. Headphone jacks are pretty helpful when listening to music. They, however, have been scraped off from most of the smartphones, not only iPhone but also in some androids. Wired headphones are cheaper compared to the modern wireless options available. Its availability in some androids’ devices is a massive advantage over the iPhone, which lacks them entirely. This is among the reasons Andrew Napolitano likes them both.

The Android Launcher Can Be Changed

Androids’ launcher is flexible; the launcher can be changed to any desirable launcher like the Microsoft launcher. This makes the user have better operations of their Interphase to their preferred look. Android also allows for easy arrangement of apps and the creation of folders for some applications.

However, iPhones restrict their launcher to the original, making users not have their desired Interphase or operations. Also, the user is limited to only rearranging the order of applications.

Android Devices are Innovative

Android devices are always ahead when it comes to innovation. They came up with the in-screen fingerprint sensor, the foldable phone, and many other next-level technological ideas. These innovations make them gain many followers because they add value to the money they use to buy the device. On the other hand, iPhones are dormant when it comes to innovation; this is a disadvantage to them.