Why You Should Make Arrangements For Your Funeral Before You Die

Why You Should Make Arrangements For Your Funeral Before You Die

Unfortunately, dying is something all of us can count on doing. Sadly, the vast majority of people fail to do any preplanning for this event, resulting in their families being left to wonder what they should or should not do to respect the wishes of their departed loved ones. If you don’t want to put your family through even more stress during this difficult time, you can make arrangements for your funeral before you die. By doing so, you and your family will reap many benefits.

Protection from Rising Costs

In today’s world, costs are increasing for just about everything, and funerals are no exception. In fact, it may cost well over $10,000 for a modest funeral. However, if you choose to preplan your funeral, you can lock in costs at that moment, ensuring you will get the funeral you desire without having your family experience unnecessary financial hardship.

Choosing the Way You are Remembered

When you think about it, preplanning your funeral is actually quite a gift you get to give to yourself and your family. In doing so, you have an opportunity to choose how you are remembered by those you leave behind. As an example, if you loved animals throughout your life, you can create a plan that will encourage others to donate to some of your favorite animal charities. Since more and more families are choosing to look at funerals for loved ones as celebrations of the life lived rather than focusing solely on the loss, this can be an excellent final way to say goodbye to your family and friends.

Less Stress on Your Family

Believe it or not, funeral directors say there are more than 70 details that the average family must attend to within only the first 24 hours following the death of a loved one. Needless to say, this can put tremendous amounts of stress on family members who are already having difficulty coping with your death. To ease their burden, choosing to preplan your funeral will ensure that once you have passed away, your family will already know exactly how to proceed with your funeral.

No Unexpected Financial Burdens

When a loved one dies without having made prior arrangements, many families suddenly find themselves scrambling to come up with the money for a funeral. As a result, some families may have to use credit cards to finance the funeral, or even go online to ask for donations. In either case, it can be frustrating, stressful, and even embarrassing to your family that you loved for so many years. By choosing instead to prearrange your funeral well in advance, you will be saving your family from unexpected financial burdens that can dramatically alter their lives moving forward.

Peace of Mind

Finally, prearranging your funeral means you and your family can have the peace of mind all of you deserve. Though death is a difficult subject to discuss, doing so well ahead of time can actually put you and your family at ease, allowing you to concentrate on other important matters.

Whether you want a big final goodbye or one that is much more subdued, making arrangements for your funeral now will be not only a smart financial decision, but also one that shows your family just how much you care about them.