3 Cannabis Accessories You Need to Keep Your Weed Delivery Safe

Despite the fact that marijuana is still illegal in some parts of the world, it seems like weed delivery services are popping up everywhere. 

As more and more people turn to cannabis as an alternative to harmful prescription drugs or other recreational drugs, these weed delivery services will become increasingly popular, which means that there will be more products designed specifically for your weed delivery needs. 

Here are three cannabis accessories you need to keep your weed delivery safe and secure!

  1. Envelopes

Marijuana is legal in some areas, but not all. And it’s also legal in some states but not others. Those factors might affect how your package gets delivered or picked up. 

A paper envelope can obscure what’s inside, so consider using one with a window so you can verify who’s picking up your package. If you don’t have an envelope available at home, buy one from your local office supply store. 

Even without a window, it might be worth it if you want more peace of mind for your delivery or pickup time.

  1. Bags

If you’re not going to use a vaporizer, then you have one more thing that will need protecting from moisture—your weed. 

You can’t just toss your cannabis into your glove box or pocket for fear of it getting damp and going bad. If you’re going to keep it at home, put it in a Ziploc baggie with a small dish of desiccant. 

If you’re going on a long trip, take a large resealable baggie and a second Ziploc baggie inside of it along with some rice.

  1. Bongs

With cannabis edibles becoming increasingly popular in legal markets, bongs are losing some of their stoner cred. 

However, they remain a fun and functional way to consume cannabis—and when it comes to keeping your weed delivery safe from pests and pollutants, a bong is hard to beat. 

Not only do they work well with a dab rig or a marijuana pipe, but bongs also help filter out harmful particulates in your cannabis that you wouldn’t want in your body. 

While high-end designs can cost thousands of dollars, there are plenty of low-cost glass water pipes out there that still get the job done. Some even have built-in percolators for better filtration.

Buy Your Stash from a Trusted Vendor

Buying cannabis accessories online is always a gamble, but sometimes you have no choice. 

When you do have to buy weed delivery products over the Internet, make sure they’re from a trusted source with positive reviews. And don’t forget about shipping insurance! 

The post-legalization economy means there are more options out there than ever before—but it also means that some of those options are less trustworthy than others.


It may seem silly to spend money on a small set of devices designed with cannabis use in mind, but your delivery won’t be very safe if you don’t. 

A few accessories can go a long way toward keeping your stash from getting contaminated or stolen. Although it may not seem like much now, these simple tools could save you a whole lot of heartache later. 

Investing in products that keep your weed delivery nice and safe is truly an investment in peace of mind.