Want to Know How to Make a Million Dollars in One Day and Never Have to Work Again?

Michael Bash author of Million Dollar Miracle: How to Earn Millions of Dollars in One Day and Never Work Again gives you his formula of how to buy and rezone land for a large profit and to duplicate the entire process. With more than 50 years of expertise, Michael Bash offers his expertise and advice based on how to implement his rezoning strategies. Through humor and stories, you’ll find out how Michael became a millionaire however, how you can have similar success!

What’s your story? How did you get the idea? *

I was born and was raised in Jerusalem. At a young age, I was fascinated by religion and enjoyed the tale of how the apostle Paul/Saul acquired an area and developed it. I’ve always had an interest in electronics. I also had an uncle in New Jersey who could help me. I came to America, and after getting my degree, I got a job in electronics. The job involved helping to process an operational device which produced 1 unit up to 24 units. It was these two situations that stand out to me in my thoughts where I realized that I could use something and make improvements to the process, thus increasing its efficiency effectiveness, efficiency and the way it helped other people.

Explain the procedure of launching the business. *

Rezoning involves a number of primary steps. Begin by researching a piece of land that you wish to purchase to be rezonable by researching the kind of property it’s located in, the types of schools located in the area, neighboring businesses, etc. The next step is attending city meetings and to meet those who are involved in the process, such as council members, the mayor, the neighbors. If you can connect with these individuals prior to the meeting and assist them in helping in achieving their goals, then they might be more willing to assist you. For example, I bought the 20-acre property on a budget because of an incinerator near. By building a high wall and beautifying my property, I was able conceal what many would consider ugly. I also negotiated with neighbors for their approval by using 1 acre of property to enhance their property.

Since your launch, what’s done to get and keep customers? (or from other companies/investors who will)*

It is my ability to connect with people especially women who have helped my career and personal life. I’m a warm-hearted person who’s always been a fan of people. I was raised in a way that’s friendly but it was not taught to me. I also am a fan of charity work and I enjoy helping people who are less fortunate.

How are you faring today and what is the next step? appear to be? *

At the age of 90 I’m fit and strong! I talked to one of my mediums who told me I will until at least 102! I’d love to write another book over the next couple of years. I’m also considering working with a child who I could teach and who can assist me with the running around for the one-time rezoning task.

Since you started your business, did you learn anything useful or valuable? *

I’ve learned a lot in all my decades of rezoning properties. Many people are in the wrong places when searching for properties to purchase or develop. Instead look to areas that are vacant and undeveloped.

What platform/tools do you use for your company? *

I don’t use any platforms/tools to run my business. I depend on my people skills, my ability to identify and seize opportunity when I find it. My ability to connect with others and genuine willingness to help others are my tools and platform.

What are the most influential books, podcasts, or other resources? *

I’ve been a fan of reading since a young age; Freud, Russian novels come to mind. Regarding his profession I don’t believe that you require books. Early on I found an excellent real estate professional who was older than I am. He taught me many things about the real estate business. I also purchased property from him. So it was a win-win situation.

Advice for other entrepreneurs who want to start their own business or who are just beginning? *

Find someone who works in real estate. If you don’t have any contacts make contact with a few and make contact with the people to determine which would be good fit. Try to create a win-win-win situation that allows you to take lessons from them and can also help them too. Also, don’t follow standard techniques of conducting business.