3 Great Career Paths Within Education to Inspire You

Education is a diverse field with many great job roles that all work to help improve the quality of education that young people receive. A well-educated society is an absolute must. It is how we lift those and give greater opportunity to everyone. The best thing about starting a career in education is that it is very flexible. While yes, some skills and roles will require you to have the right degree or certification, you can continue to develop and progress through your career. Start by teaching children directly, then move into a principal role or education development. With these three great career paths within education to inspire you, you’ll realize that the sky is the limit. 


One of the best career paths within education is teaching. You can teach in public charter schools, magnet schools, urban schools, rural schools, private boarding schools, private parochial schools, or even Montessori schools. There are so many different education options out there, and each has pros and cons. The good news is that with so many different learning environments, teachers can find a great fit and great work/life balance that will help them achieve their goals as a teacher. To really open up your career options as a teacher, you will want to look into master’s programs, licensures, add-on licensures, endorsements, and certificates, like the large list available at https://online.merrimack.edu/

You do not need to have anything more than the bare essentials when you first start out as a teacher. Instead, look into furthering your qualifications as you go in order to expand your skillset and your career options. 


Every industry needs leaders, and the education sector is no different. You may work as a principal, team leader, organization leader, and more. Your job in this path is to provide the support, structure, and means for teachers and other educational professionals to succeed. They need support every day, especially when the student population outpaces teachers by a significant amount. 

You won’t typically be working with the next generation directly, but the support and framework you create makes a massive difference for every student. You can make a school great, or you can make it a nightmare. It is a huge amount of responsibility, but when you want to make a big impact, you can see there is no better career path. 


Another great way to work within the field of education, but not necessarily directly with children, is by getting involved with the development. You may work with a company or organization that creates new, improved learning tools for kids to use. You may even work on updating and changing up the curriculum based on the latest understandings and theories. Working in development is a great way to make a huge difference for a large population of children. The good news is that you don’t have to work exclusively with the public system, either. You can work on a system, tool, or service that helps children directly while cutting out the school system altogether. The options are endless, from creating science kits and courses to offering a smarter language learning program that parents can buy for their kids.