3 Tips for Having Happier Employees

3 Tips for Having Happier Employees

One of the most important things a business owner or manager can do, is focus on the happiness and overall morale of his or her employees. Having staff that are happy to go to work, feel valued, and excited to be there, radiates throughout the entire business and impacts how your customers feel about your business too. This can do wonders for the overall growth of the company, as well as ensuring that your company has a great reputation and is well respected within the industry. If having happier employees is something that you want, and you should, keep reading to learn more about my top 3 tips for having happier employees.

1. Encourage Mixing
Do your employees get along? Do they spend time together outside work hours? One great way to encourage a little more mixing between your staff is to consider making a sports team or having a regular meetup outside work. You could, for example, create a badminton team and see who wants to sign up to play each week. Find something that seems interesting to a few other people and go for it! It can be a way to strengthen the bonds between your employees and to ensure that everyone looks forward to coming into work each day. I used to work in a firm that would reserve the last hour every Friday for staff drinks, so that everyone could mix before starting their weekend.

2. Celebrate Big
Life is best lived boldly and by celebrating all the special moments that come our way. One of the biggest times of year is Christmas as most companies shut down for at least a week during this period. Why not go out with a bang and organize a Christmas party to remember. The more effort you put into making the Christmas party celebrations fun, the more your employees will see that you value them and feel more invested in their work. Don’t just leave it for the big celebrations – don’t forget to celebrate or acknowledge things like anniversaries, birthdays, baby showers and so forth. Make your employees know that you celebrate their special moments in life too.

3. Offer Great Work Life Balance
In whatever way you can, offer a little more work life balance. One way you can do that is by offering your staff a day or a few days a year ‘off’ with the intention of volunteering and giving back to the community. This is a great way that you can spread your business’ success through the community, but it also gives your employees the opportunity to make a difference elsewhere. Consider giving your employees more holiday days than is standard, or perhaps giving them a flexible work from home schedule once a week to spice things up. When your employees feel more happy in their work, they’ll be more productive. So while it may feel counterintuitive to give them more time off, it may actually result in more productivity and better results for your company.

It’s important to ensure your employees feel valued and respected so that they can be their most happy. I hope these tips inspire you to think of creative ways to make your staff happier in their workplace.