3 Unique Advantages of Using Hollow Metal Doors

3 Unique Advantages of Using Hollow Metal Doors

With its sheet steel fabrication and countless reinforcements made of light metal channels, hollow metal doors are becoming more and more popular. While there are numerous door options available, hollow metal doors are heavily used within the commercial setting. Their hollow core, which is often filled with a lighter filler material, makes them an ideal investment when considering new doors and even door frames for your business!

While some of the other commercial wood doors are generally used to create entrances within restaurants, offices, and other spaces where clients will be met, hollow metal doors are predominantly used because of their durability and strength.

The door that is used on a building is of utmost importance as it should provide some amount of protection against not only criminals and vandals but also fires and other accidents.

Thankfully, hollow metal doors are known to provide just that. Among the benefits of these exceptional doors are a number of unique advantages, as seen below.

What are some of the unique advantages of using hollow metal doors?

1. Security

Hollow metal doors provide, arguably, the strongest door and frame unit. These types of doors can effectively provide both resistance and strength, as was aforementioned, which are helpful in boosting security.

Furthermore, hollow metal doors are way better at absorbing and dispersing impacts and this is very important as it decreases the chances of damages being caused to the door such as breaking, denting, or even cracking.

2. Durability

The strength of hollow metal doors not only contributes to increased security, but it also facilitates the door’s durability. Hollow metal doors are known to last for many years, without any damage. The weather generally has very little impact on these doors because of the material and they are able to resist both hot and cold temperatures.

High and low humidity, rain, snow, and frost, among all the other weather conditions, do not affect the durability of hollow metal doors, which makes them ideal and efficient for either interior or exterior use.

The best part has to do with the fact that this door is very low maintenance. They usually require very little repairs as it is able to maintain their functionality while remaining aesthetically pleasing and looking new for a very long time.

3. Affordability

Considering all of the unique advantages that come with owning a hollow metal door, it is important to note that these doors are quite an investment. In comparison to many of the other door options available, hollow metal doors are some of the most affordable.

Their affordability becomes even more pronounced when the many benefits associated with them are accounted for.

Additionally, their affordability means that businesses and other corporate entities that choose to use these doors are able to purchase them in high quantities without breaking the bank!

The truth is that the installation of these doors also has a lower cost than many other doors which means labor costs will not be very exorbitant.

From their protection, security, and durability to their affordability, it is no surprise how popular hollow metal doors are. Hollow metal door frames are by far one of the most popular options, especially within the commercial world, and this is mainly because of the benefits attributed to them.

They provide an attractive appearance, all while maintaining high security and durability.

Despite the wide array of options available, hollow metal doors are one of the best options!