4 Important Social Media Techniques You Have To Use In 2020

Social media marketing is constantly changing. You need to stay ahead of the curve in order to have the best possible results with your campaigns. This is not easy to do as it implies constant market monitoring, which is difficult for most business owners and even some marketers. 

Fortunately, there are some clear trends that developed and techniques that we already know will be very effective in 2020 for social media marketing. Blogging Tub recommends that you always focus on the following strategies this year for the best possible results. 

Focusing On Traffic Instead Of Likes

Instagram is experimenting with removing likes. This puts a much heavier emphasis on creating high-quality content and removes the benefits associated with buying fake likes. In the past, many Instagrammers and agencies were caught buying fake likes in order to create a more positive image for the visual content created. 

In 2020, you need to focus on traffic. It is only possible to get really good results when you create content of a high quality that is appealing for the target audience. 

Simply put, when you have many likes and social media traffic does not convert into website views and/or conversions, the social media marketing campaign is not effective. 

Using Influencer Marketing

Brands from all around the world realized how effective influencer marketing is when it is a part of a well-built social media marketing campaign. Statistics released by HYPR (influencer marketing platform) showed that “75% of brands relied on influencer marketing in 2018, and 92% declared its effectiveness.” These numbers get higher and higher every single year. 

People that follow influencers mainly care about the content that is created. Since influencers know this and they always want to deliver the best possible content, working with them makes sense to drive sales and improve brand image. 

Using Video Marketing

In 2020, we will see an increase in the number of brands that will use video content in their social media marketing strategies. This is because technology evolved to the point at which it is so much easier to watch a video than reading text, no matter where you are. All that is really needed is an internet connection. 

Video is much more attractive and effective than other content types. Also, live videos are very effective at improving the image of a brand. Online branding is closely associated with any form of marketing, especially when it relies on a visual element. 

As an example, TikTok has over 500 million active users. 41% of them are 18 to 24 years old and are highly engaged with the content they consume. This means that if your target audience includes the 20-year-old segment, the social network should be considered. 

Taking Advantage Of Augmented Reality

Augmented reality (AR) takes what you see in the real world and then projects computer-generated, virtual augmentations to change what is visible as you use a mobile device. The leading social network when it comes to AR use at the moment is Snapchat. It offers over 400,000 augmented reality lenses that were utilized to generate 15 billion plays. 

The success of Snapchat is a clear sign that in 2020 there will be other platforms that will try to take advantage of augmented reality. Amazon and Instagram are known to already heavily test it

Augmented reality can be used for your social media marketing campaigns for:

  • Online shopping
  • Video content
  • Live events
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Brand awareness

Final Thoughts

Social media marketing is evolving. If you do not evolve at the same time, your competition will surely do this. Fortunately, all the techniques mentioned above can actively be used by any company out there. However, this should not be blindly done. 

Take the time needed to research all available options and when you launch a social media marketing campaign, always use split testing. This helps you to improve campaign effectiveness and save money by not investing in something that does not work.