How Attorney Juan Monteverde Exemplifies Qualities of Top Lawyers

Juan Monteverde Top Attorney

Hiring the right lawyer can be critical in bringing a legal dispute to a successful resolution but finding that lawyer is often a difficult process. This is especially true if you don’t know what to look for. We looked to the career of Juan Monteverde, one of the top securities attorneys working today, to give our readers an example of what makes for a top lawyer, but also what they can look for to ensure that they select the best legal representation for themselves.


While it may seem obvious, experience is often overlooked by those seeking an attorney. Some people believe that after completing law school and being admitted to the bar, one attorney is just as good as another. This, however, is not the case. While a formal education is, of course, crucial preparation for people starting a law career, there is no substitute for the experience that comes from practicing the profession.

To see how this is exemplified in the real legal world, let’s examine the professional background of Juan Monteverde. A graduate of California State University, Northridge for his undergraduate studies in Finance, Monteverde earned his J.D. from the St. Thomas University School of Law. While in law school Monteverde was a summer associate the firm known today as Diaz Reus, LLP and after completing his formal education, he moved to NYC as an associate at Smith Mazure Director Wilkins Young & Yagerman, P.C., thereafter worked at Levi & Korsinsky, LLP and Faruqi & Faruqi, LLP.  Recently, he has established his own national law firm located in New York City and Los Angeles.

Past successes

Another important quality to consider for those seeking legal representation is the past successes of a prospective lawyer. While an attorney may have plenty of experience trying cases or engaging in other relevant areas of law, an inability to provide successful outcomes to past clients may be a red flag for those seeking their services in the future. While a perfect record is not necessary to showcase an attorney’s abilities, it is encouraging if they are at least able to show a fair amount of success in their field.

Monteverde’s law firm, Monteverde & Associates, showcases the kind of success that is desirable for those seeking legal counsel. The firm often focuses on class action suits in order to best protect investors from misconduct by corporations. The firm’s track record is quite extensive and is characteristic of the type of success a client would like to see in their attorney’s history. That track record includes success at a variety of trial and appellate levels, including the U.S. Supreme Court.  In 2019 alone, the firm obtained or secured six cash common funds for shareholders. 

Disseminating ideas

Another quality that can show an attorney is knowledgeable in their field is the degree to which they publicly weigh in on issues of importance. This activity can take a variety of forms, such as the publication of articles and books which can then be used as teaching materials by others in the concentration. Speaking engagements are another way in which top attorneys will spread ideas, with invitations to such opportunities often coming from universities, legal conferences, and other public forums. When you are able to see an attorney’s remarks in some sort of public form, it helps to show the degree to which their opinion is respected within their profession.

To that end, looking to the ways in which the securities attorney’s ideas have been disseminated is informative for those wondering what this kind of work looks like in practice. Early written work by the attorney dates back to his time in law school when he was both a staff editor of the law review and the president of Plead the 5th, the law school’s newspaper. He has since gone on to publish articles in many different legal publications and is regularly invited to speak at legal conferences such as ACI, ABA, and PLI. His public work often touches on issues of merger litigation or executive compensation.

Professional recognition

While personally examining the professional accomplishments of an attorney is a great way to determine if they’re the right one to take on your work, it can also be helpful to see if they’ve been recognized by others in their field. These recognitions can take on the form of awards or high placement on professional ranking lists. They can also be more informal such as reviews on online databases or word of mouth recommendations. Regardless of how they’re delivered, these types of recognitions can be invaluable for determining an attorney’s standing within their profession.

Looking to the work of Juan Monteverde, we can again see how he exemplifies the high level of recognition that you’d want to see in a prospective attorney. He has been singled out by numerous professional organizations, such as Super Lawyers and Martindale-Hubbell as a top practitioner in his field. These distinctions help to show the high level of regard that others in the field hold for the attorney and are the type of accolades that can help simplify the attorney selection process for those who are unfamiliar with the specifics of a given legal specialty.

The steps needed to find an effective and reliable lawyer can be daunting for those who are newly in need of representation. While there are plenty of important characteristics that can be considered to arrive at a final selection, the above overview can serve as a jumping-off point for those seeking to get the process moving. These considerations, along with the examples provided by the work of Juan Monteverde, are a powerful set of tools to be used in this sometimes confusing process. Coming back to the above material and the attorney’s career throughout your search can be helpful no matter where you are in your legal journey.