5 Best Gifts For The Technology Buff In Your Life

So you have a tech buff on your gift-giving list. Well, there was once a time when shopping for tech or someone who liked tech was a difficult task. Nowadays we are surrounded by all kinds of different technological advancement which also includes gadgets that are meant to make ordinary tasks a little bit easier. Have a tech fan to shop for? How about someone who could use a little bit of technology in their life? Here is our list of the 5 best tech gifts.

1 – Kool8 Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Sure, you may not think of a water bottle as being all that techy, but the Kool8 stainless steel variety will change the way you look at water bottles forever. Featuring double-walled vacuum insulation, your water is going to stay cooler longer. Or, if you prefer to fill it with coffee or tea, your hot beverage will stay warmer longer thanks to the double-walled insulation.

The Kool8 water bottle is also pretty techy in design. Not only does it look good, it is durable which won’t scratch and because this is a reusable water bottle, it also happens to be eco-friendly. How exactly is that? That’s because you won’t be going through single-use plastic bottles and flinging them into your garbage container which will end up in the landfill.

2 – Polaroid Snap Instant Digital Camera

Here’s a great throwback style camera that combines the nostalgic fun of instant photography with modern digital technology. Not only is it produced by a company that has a long and vibrant history in the world of photography – Polaroid, this simple point and shoot type camera has some very significant hidden qualities that will blow your mind and get you out there shooting stuff.

While it looks unassuming, the Snap Instant Digital Camera features a 20x optical zoom which not only pulls you into the action, it gets you a full-frame of that action. The resolution is also as impressive at 10 MP. In other words, this digital technology packed into this camera makes it a dangerous competitor to most other point and shoots filling up the marketplace.

3 – A Bottle of CBD Oil

Believe it or not, if you consider yourself a tech geek chances are that you also have some form of ADHD in your history. But that’s not an issue when you get your hands on a bottle of CBD tincture, or oil as it is commonly referred to as. It is an all-natural treatment that has been used for centuries but has become mainstream in recent years.

The compounds found in CBD – which comes from the hemp part of the cannabis family of plants – have been known to provide relief from many different ailments. ADHD, pain, and epilepsy are just three in a growing list. The best part about CBD is that it does not give you the high that is associated with its cousin THC which comes from the marijuana part of the family.

4 – Fitbit Charge 2

Any tech fan with even a slight interest in data collection will find the Fitbit Charge 2 to be high on their shopping list. That’s because this item is an activity and sleep tracker that will help you to reach your chosen lifestyle and fitness goals. All you do is input the parameters you want to be monitored and let the watch do the rest of the hard work.

You wear it like a watch as it is also a watch but it also tracks your activities and measures your heart rate. These data streams will help you to determine if you are losing weight or not. The Fitbit Charge 2 will also provide you with information on your sports activities as well. Sitting on the couch watching football does not count as a sporting activity.

5 – Imaware Celiac Home Test Kit

We admit that any kind of home blood test kit is sort of geeky tech and probably not exactly at the top of your gift-giving possibilities. However, for those individuals on your shopping list who happen to have celiac disease, any type of testing gear would be viewed as far more on the practical and sensible side of the gift shopping list than anything else.

What makes the ImawareTM at-home test kit so awesome is that you can complete a home test in under five minutes and that the test is very accurate. The results you receive don’t require a decoder ring to figure out nor understand. Where you score the most points by giving one of these as a gift is that it shows you care about that person’s health.

The Benefits of Buying Tech Gifts

There are several benefits to giving a gift that is technology-based. Essentially, you are giving a tech buff something that interests them. However, the main positive that comes from using technology as the basis of gift-giving is that you are making use of the changing advancements in the world around you. Plus, any type of new gadget will spark interest in the receiver, even if they have a remote interest in tech.

In Conclusion

With the speed in which technology of all kinds continues to spin into the future, you should never run out of gift ideas for someone on your shopping list who loves tech. When you consider that technology plays such an important role in our day-to-day life, it only makes sense that gift-giving of technology-based or inspired items would become commonplace. 

All you need to know to ensure that you are getting the perfect gift for that person is that they already use some form of technology in their home or at work. Those individuals who are not tech-savvy would likely find the adaptation to using a tech item a bit more work to learn how to use and how to fit it into their lifestyle. Many times non-techies would rather contemplate the universe, or debate the pros and cons of zoos than get difficult and confusing tech gifts. That is why this list of five items focuses on tech gifts that would be welcomed by either a technology buff or someone who is not.