5 Business Sectors That Need High-Tech Logistics Solutions

The pace of tech development is never going to slow down, indeed, there are emerging technologies that we use during our daily lives and probably don’t realise, and with these new technologies, comes a demand for hi-end, specialist logistics, known as ‘white glove’ services. Here are just a few of the sectors that must have white glove logistics.

  1. Banking & Retail – ATM service and installation are handled by the white glove logistics company, who are bank-approved to install, service and repair ATM units. Banks also require data centre installation and relocation, and this also comes under the white glove provider’s domain.
  2. Digital LED Advertising & Kiosks – These state-of-the-art devices are transported and installed by industry-specific technicians who are manufacturer-approved and have a wealth of hands-on experience. You only need to use your powers of observancy next time you’re in the city and you will see many examples of digital displays and touch screen vending machines, and these devices require specialised installation, not to mention transportation. If you have some LED advertising ordered, talk to https://www.tecdisnetwork.com/en/home/, a leading UK white glove logistics company that offers all the solutions.
  3. Fitness & Health – Next time you are in the gym, spare a thought for the technicians that installed the equipment, and with the current fitness trend looking to continue, you can expect to see more fitness centres popping up around the country. Stress can seriously affect your health, and here are a few ways to reduce stress that might help you forget about your worries and enjoy your free time more. The health industry uses a wide range of complex technical equipment and this is very expensive hardware that demands white glove services, who employ qualified technicians to carry out the installation.
  4. Access Control Systems – These are already everywhere – train and bus stations, museums, theatres and fitness complexes, and to transport and install such equipment requires specialist help. The white glove provider can collect the equipment at source, or you may prefer final-mile and positioning solutions, both of which are available, and the technicians are approved to install and configure the equipment, ready for testing. The technicians can also train staff how to operate the system, as they are manufacturer-approved to work with the equipment.
  5. IT Hardware Removal & Disposal – National companies frequently upgrade all of their IT hardware, which requires complying with UK government regulations regarding WEEE. Your hi-tech logistics partner can collect the equipment and dispose of it responsibly, while also having the ability to install and configure the new equipment. This is an invaluable service to many large corporations that cannot afford to be offline, and that requires white glove treatment with logistics.

As new tech comes into play, it brings with it a need for specialist logistics and if you should ever need such services, a Google search will help you locate a leading UK white gloves logistics company, who can handle every aspect of the project.