5 Podcasts Business Owners Should Listen To

5 Podcasts Business Owners Should Listen To

Jordan Sudberg is a successful pain management specialist. He has been working in the medical field for many years and listens to many business podcasts during his free time.

Sudberg has recommended five podcasts that business owners should pay attention to:

1. “The Astonishing Power of Everyday Life”

A podcast committed to personal development and achievement. A broad range of personal development subjects is explored by two world-class experts, including how to stay cheerful by appreciating the tiny things in life, how to get over a breakup, and how to make your dreams come true.

Every episode is based on real-world experience and practical knowledge to make each episode seem like it might be the beginning of your journey towards living an extraordinary life.

2. “The Daily Show”

This is a wonderful podcast if one generally enjoys politics and satire. Jon Stewart and his staff behind the scenes make fun of current political events, such as the 2012 Republican debates, on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

Learn a plethora of information about how the media works and how people can achieve celebrity status.

3. “The Tim Ferriss Show”

It is hosted by best-selling book and self-improvement expert Tim Ferriss, who also serves as the show’s originator and co-host. Actors Jamie Foxx and Arnold Schwarzenegger, as well as creative geniuses who are widely considered as the greatest in their respective fields, are among those who have been interviewed.

As part of the interview, Ferriss eavesdrops on their methods of getting things done and offers advice on how other people can emulate their success.

This podcast is focused on the issues of business and personal finance, as well as other related topics. On the show, the host, Tim Ferriss, speaks with some of the most forward-thinking business people on the planet — people who are changing the world by developing products or services that assist their customers achieve success in a way that is beneficial to the entire world community.

He also shares his personal experiences and provides an inside peek into the publishing industry for those who are interested in learning more. Jordan Sudberg highly recommends this podcast. 

4. “I Will Teach You To Be Rich”

Author Ramit Sethi and his assistant, Gaurav Chawla, host this personal finance podcast, which is available in both English and Hindi.

From the point of view of how you can use your money wisely to become financially independent and live a life of freedom, they host this.

Their practical, money-saving approach is evident in everyday life, as evidenced by their discussions of topics such as credit score management and how to use credit cards for everyday purchases such as groceries.

5. “The School of Greatness”

This podcast is hosted by Lewis Howes, an author, professor, and former professional athlete. He discusses how he became successful, the factors that contributed to his success, and how he might aid listeners in realizing their full potential in their careers and everyday lives.