Effects of a Proper Business Presentation

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Effects of a Proper Business Presentation

When it comes to business presentation is everything. If the business comes across in a good light then they are more likely to make sales and maintain customers. Alexander Djerassi knows the importance of business presentations. These are some tips from Djerassi to help a business with its presentation.

Build Credibility

A business must come off as a creditable and knowledgeable source. No one wants to work with a business where their knowledge has to be questioned. In the presentation, a business should highlight the training they have gone through and some career highlights.


When speaking about a business or giving a presentation it is important to have a goal in mind. This will allow people to relate to the message that the business is giving. It will also make it easier for a person to pay attention since they will know what they will need to listen to and what they need to focus on.


It is important that a business has resources to show they are credible and where they are getting their information from. If a customer does want to check up with them and give the information a fact check it can show the business is credible. Quotes from well known and respected people can also make the business look better.


When giving a presentation it is important to have supporting visuals. A person can also use visuals when they are advertising their business. Images will capture the attention of the consumers. Attractive material will allow them to put images to the brand and this is something that will help them make a connection.

Begin with a Question

Alexander Djerassi believes that when a presentation begins with a question it will get the attention of the viewers and it will get them thinking. This will allow them to begin to develop an idea of what the presentation will be about and what they should be thinking about. This will allow them to focus to see if they can find an answer to this question or if they can get an idea of what they should be focusing on.


Every business needs to be prepared for questions that the customers may have. They may ask these questions during a presentation or they may ask the questions at a later time. It does not matter when they are asked, they will be coming and a business needs to be ready to answer them. Some of the questions will be more difficult to answer than others so it is best to think about the audience and what they would want to know. Some answers should be prepared. This way the business will have a general idea of how to answer the customers and it will not make them sound like they do not know what they are talking about.

These are some things to look for in a business presentation. This will allow a person to connect to the business and it will help keep their interest in the presentation.