6 Ways to Stay Organized During Your Move

6 Ways to Stay Organized During Your Move

If you’ve never moved, you cannot understand how stressful and demanding the exercise is. It’s something you must experience to grasp. For many people, moving seems like a straightforward process. At this point, you might be guessing it’s not that simple. It’s rather a complicated process.

One of the top reasons the exercise is considered stressful is that there are bad movers in the industry. A lot of people move every year. According to some studies, millions of Americans move every year, which increases the demand for moving services. Therefore, a lot of bad companies get an opportunity to meet the needs.

The primary objective of a moving firm is to alleviate the stress associated with the work and simplify the entire process. However, unprofessional firms may not offer the help you need. Most service providers are licensed and dedicated to offering excellent customer service.

One of the things you can do to avoid a headache when moving is dealing with licensed moving companies. Hiring unlicensed firms exposes you to many problems, and you’ll not be protected even by basic insurance. Also, you’ll not have a legal way of filing complaints. Other common challenges during the exercise include planning, financial constraints, and post moving depression: Here are six ways you can stay organized when moving:

Create a Schedule

Before you engage in any part of the moving process, you should understand the big picture of all tasks you need to do and everyone involved during each phase. Moving experts recommend creating a calendar of events to get a visual of the timeline and your progress.

With a detailed plan, you’ll not miss some vital details. Additionally, it’ll be easier for you to delegate various tasks to all the parties involved. Consider adding the contact information of all the people who will be involved during the move, including the real estate companies, packers, and movers.

Use Portable Storage Boxes

Portable storage boxes are innovative options for traditional methods. The units will enable you to store your items the way you want without worrying about someone else dropping and damaging them while moving. However, there are several considerations if you opt for portable storage boxes.

Ensure you acquire moisture absorbers before the move. Though you may not recognize their name, you can find them in many places. They’ll help you to prevent moisture from damaging the possessions you’ll be moving using portable storage boxes. If you’re uncertain about the ideal size of the boxes, go for bigger ones.

Create a Moving List

The moving process can be stressful. Ensure you create a moving list to guide you during the exercise. Professional moving firms will provide a moving list to simplify the entire process. Why should you have a checklist?

If you intend to move as a family, you may have a hard time coordinating the other people. Everyone will feel they’re accommodated during the move. Also, you’ll not forget some items.


If you’ve relocated before, you know that some of the most important tasks include organizing and preparing. Being prepared involves cleaning and decluttering your home, especially if you’ll hire a professional mover. When it comes to the activity, ensure you set small goals and begin as soon as possible. If your stuff wouldn’t be able to fit in one go, might as well find a self storage facility that could store your valuables temporarily.


If you don’t label, you may experience difficulties finding your possessions in anonymous moving boxes. You can avoid that by labeling the boxes appropriately. Some of the techniques you can use during labeling include numbering and colors.

Keeping the Valuable Items With You

Some belongings should always be with you, even when moving. Some of the valuable items you should always keep with you include keys, electronic devices and chargers, medications, and sentimental items.