A Brief Guide on Restaurant Tables and Booths

Usually, clients have a certain standard which needs to be fulfilled when they enter a restaurant booth. At the same time, it is crucial to understand the design, material, and various types of restaurant booths. Nonetheless, those new to the restaurant business need a replacement in their restaurant’s current seating layout. Fortunately for them, this article will help them organize and help grow their business.

As being experienced in a restaurant business, many restaurant clients have preferred a booth type seating. Therefore, it is high time to get those wishes fulfilled.

Undoubtedly, restaurant booths are beneficial in many ways. If it is about boosting clients without making traffic, a comfortable place, and luxury, you can entirely rely on it. However, you should understand its features to give your restaurant a million-dollar look. So, be with us to the end of this article.

The material of a Restaurant Booth

Almost all restaurant booths are made out of laminate, wood, and upholstery. With this variety of materials, you can make your restaurant environment aesthetically pleasing when matched with its theme. The Laminate booths offer an easy-to-clean trim feature over a wood frame. To get the most of it, you might need to pair it with neutral colour laminate to match your current décor perfectly. 

When there is a need for a comfortable dining experience, the soft upholstery booths are the best option. With its wooden frame, one can comfortably eat or drink. However, if you want to give your restaurant a classic look, the wooden booths are the best option. With its easy-to-clean feature, it provides a rusty yet contemporary look to your restaurant.

Different Sizes

When done choosing the material, you might need to choose in between different sizes of restaurant booths. The size much depends on your choice and are available for it.

The restaurant booths come in single, double, wall bench, ½ circle, and ¾ circle sizes. So, you will have to choose one that correctly fits your restaurant. Or you can choose different sizes to give an option as visiting your restaurant as a family or alone.


To help you understand the above different sizes, we have segmented each type with its dimensions. The single restaurant booth comes with a 46-inch length and 23-inch width. So, there is enough space for two persons in it.

The double restaurant booth comes with a 46-inch length and 44-inch width. So, it can correctly adjust two persons in it. However, it’s double-sided, which means that two persons can sit at each side of it. The Wall bench comes with a customizable length and 23-inch width. So, it can adjust two persons in its space. However, with its customizable size, one can sit comfortably.

The ½ circle and ¾ circle are specifically designed for a family. ½ circle booths come with 46-inch length and 88-inch width whereas ¾ circle has 88-in length and 88-in width. ½ circle booths can adjust 2-4 people in its space whereas the ¾ circle allows 4-6 people to enjoy their delicious meal comfortably.


In a restaurant business, seating management is as essential as top-quality food and service. Most clients visit restaurants to sit and enjoy delicious food with their family friends. A small number of people see a restaurant take the food because if it’s about enjoying at home, they can easily order it.

So, providing restaurant booths for clients is an excellent idea for getting your sales high. However, if not informed about a different size, material, and dimensions, you can disturb your restaurant’s luxury look. Therefore, before buying these, consider these aspects so that the luxury look doesn’t get disturbed.